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  1. On their website. Blade life till the next life. I'm buck club through and through but yes, this is cool.
  2. Good call, yes the balls included in the shoe box will be included. Apologies on that not being clear.
  3. Vice x Adidas Ultra Boost Golf shoes in a US 11 released 12/7 up for sale or possible trades. Yes, the dozen in the box are included. I am looking for $450 $400 based on the limited number of these made (1/1000) - feel free to send me offers. I do not have the game/style for these and got lucky with patience on the release. I would entertain the trades for a: Driver - the newer the model the better. Putter - Scotty, please. Thanks.
  4. I have the Traveler and it's awesome - a best mate of mine designs their bags. The birdie bag isn't his work, but I've heard decent things.
  5. Just got mine today. I have a friend on the adidas team that worked on the upper and these are fantastic in person. Now, to tear em up or let them look at me all winter?
  6. I have a related question to the topic at hand. Is it normal to carry the PW of an iron set or do most phase out of that and grab a different wedge between 46-50 degrees?
  7. I have a buddy I play with regularly that just got the PXG SGI's. His iron game has drastically improved. He regularly shoots 100-ish and I've seen him hit with much more consistency lately. Could be the quick learning curve from being new, could be the irons. I equate it down to both.
  8. Thanks for taking me to church. I'm a rookie here, broke 100 for the first time since high school last weekend after not touching a club for 12 years.
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