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  1. I’ve heard kyoei has a wonderful feeling but in what way? I also play fujimoto ft1 and love them more than Epon personal, Miura baby blade and Miura Giken tbzero. All of them are completely different feeling though. I know fujimoto claims to be the “softest” but not really sure as I’ve never hit the kyoei or seven. Don’t think the milling justifies the price for the seven though. Just my opinion
  2. Bit late to this party, but I love my miuraism’s more than all of the other miuras I’ve hit. The tb- zero is imo the best current Miura offering and the 99.3 pure’s look to be crazy good.
  3. Does anyone know what’s currently going on with Jean baptiste? I know they had a bit of hype from like 2016-18 but really haven’t heard from them lately. I was going to buy a set from Japan just to screw around and see how the irons feel but while I was looking, I came across a brand THATS nearly identical. The brand is called Velvet Rodenburg and it is nearly identical to Jean baptiste in every way. It’s also produced by “gracieux art design” which used to produce JB…? I can’t find anything about the brand before 2020, so I can’t help but feel confused. Is this a rebranding? A new attempt to become a bigger boutique jdm player? They have copied almost every single one of the JB designs down to the staff bags. Bit weird, lmk if anyone has an idea.
  4. This is the bag of someone who is searching for something. Unfortunately I don’t think he’s going to find it in the clubs… hope he can get healthy!
  5. He definitely bought the Del Mar at pga superstore cmon Scotty hook this man up
  6. Hey guys, I’m looking for some advice on “holding the angle” a bit longer in the downswing. I understand that lag is a misunderstood concept and I’m not really trying to generate crazy tour lag, I just need to stop releasing from the top of my swing. To me it seems like the club starts moving before the hands at the start of the downswing. Overall I have been playing well and don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of swing changes, but I think that this fix could drop 2-5 shots a round and help me finally get under par consistently. video below thanks- G IMG_0847.MOV
  7. Some will disagree with this, but a good piece of advice for all new golfers and great golfers as well- feel like your head is glued in place or on a stake. Your swing looks great for 3 lessons! The big thing I see is a lot of unnecessary swaying because your head kind of comes up and out of the swing. That makes it very hard to return to the ball in the same motion consistently. hope this helps a bit! It has done wonders for friends of mine who previously couldn’t hit the ball, then miraculously make good contact swing after swing.
  8. gentleman, do they fit true to size? I would like to buy a pair but am unsure of the fit?
  9. it took me over a year to find a set on good condition. Going rate depends but a good looking set maybe 2k+? I saw someone pay 2800 earlier this year so it just depends.
  10. Yep, I know you started it. So how do I place an order once they start back up again?
  11. Not sure why you’re upset? I understand it has been in effect for some time now? This is the Miura craftsman world thread, so I’m simply talking about It. All of us in here don’t know how to place an order because of the no MCW to overseas, would you mind sharing how you can do it anytime you want? Truly it would be helpful as I have been looking to place an order for a few months now.
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