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  1. I have a TM M2 driver shaft and am wondering if it will work in a SIM. I recall reading somewhere that there is a crossover point (perhaps the M6?) where new TM shafts aren’t interchangeable. Is this true or will it still work?
  2. I’d go with the KBS100’s. Looks like you get the most ball speed by a considerable amount (even though that is not what you’re looking for per se) and that has the highest spin and highest descent angle, albeit slightly. Ball speed helps get more height given your launch angles are relatively similar.
  3. Because Sean jumped on the distance bandwagon. Not sure that is the entirely accurate. For me, the technique results in consistent contact and good strike quality.
  4. I think she’s doing better now no? Anyway, it may work for some, and may not for others. Seems like it’s working so far for me but it is truly too early to tell in my game.
  5. I have switched to this grip/swing this past week and ball-striking is phenomenal. I no longer require perfect tempo, backswing, rotation, and pivot to get an 85% good shot. If these things are good, however, the result is spectacular. I am very excited to get out there and burn down my handicap. Even with just two rounds and some range time I have never had a swing feel more promising. Anyway, supplementary items that have helped me - proper pivot and wrist hinge. The wrist hinge allows that “hammer-like” action as you follow through.
  6. That’s what the SG data says, too!
  7. I seem to be struggling with missing greens left and right. I have been striking the ball well with irons so distance is not really an issue. Any tips for improving my aim?
  8. In order for this to really take off, they would need not only boatloads of money but also a “fifth major”. I like to think not all pros are money hungry, and some of them want to win majors above all else.
  9. Where is Jordan at? Prepping for Kiawah?
  10. Fun hypothetical: Which (if any) Par 5’s could Bryson drive the green. The course: The highest elevation course in the US being Copper Creek Golf Club on Copper Mountain in CO. 9,863 ft elevation. Par 5’s: #6 (494yds) and #11 (553yds) I think he has hit over 210 mph ball speed and 400 yd carry at much lower altitudes, so perhaps it’s possible?
  11. When you say “less on top” do you mean a “stronger” right hand grip? E.g. more right hand supination?
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