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  1. I have no sympathy whatsoever for RF. He has been in a slump, yes, but he appears to be trending in a good direction. Given his stature in professional golf and the fact that he has made plenty of correct decisions on the advertising front equates to any move he makes henceforth being acceptable, especially if it gets him back into contention.
  2. Focus on the next shot. Stay in the moment. You can look at your score in relation to par and reflect on the 19th hole.
  3. I hit a line drive tee shot shattering the 3rd story window of a house at least 50 yards right of the fairway. I could tell no one has ever hit this house before when I went over there looking for my ball and the elderly couple came outside to see what happened and exclaimed they thought someone shot a gun at their house. I exchanged my number in case their insurance policy declined to front the bill but never heard from them.
  4. He said something about this philosophy in his book: “I will miss left, I will miss right, but I will never miss short”
  5. Good god that might’ve been the most annoying thing about him.
  6. Yeah sorry not a good example as the others I mentioned but I do recall Kuch being viewed as somewhat of a good matchplay golfer and he did play in four RC’s.
  7. Pretty sure the Poulter, Montgomery, Kuchar, etc. fans would disagree
  8. I would like to thank @Nail_It for the amazing contributions and explanations in this thread. I stumbled upon the “pickle jar release” in my wedge game lately and was wondering what I did to release and finish in a manner where my left arm allowed my right arm to overtake it. I began to notice the seemingly partial follow through finish position of this right/left overlap is evident in some shots by the likes of Rory, Reed, Rahm, etc. I revisited this thread and it began to make sense to me. Anyway, I started to add this to my release feels and some good things happened, especially when coupled with a good pivot. It is good to note that the intent must but there early in the downswing otherwise it’s too late. I am optimistic about this technique and will put in the work to make it part of my swing. I have been a classic example of delivering an open club face (albeit with a descending AOA, decent speed, wrist angles/shaft lean, etc) and working around an open face draw with irons, but dealing with massive slices with the driver. With the pickle jar release I now feel like I am capable of closing the face. The hosel is out of the way and sweet spot is exposed (finally). Note this technique is complimentary to my previous golf instruction(s), which were key to instilling a good setup, backswing, and pivot.
  9. Pretty sure the only reason Phil is playing this week is to have a Hail Mary chance at a win and justify an upgrade from assistant captain to a player in Wisconsin *should Brooks bail due to injury.
  10. 100% agree he is a bomber and top 5 in SG putting. Would be a great fit for him.
  11. If Stricker can arrange Cantlay to diffuse Rahm and he pulls it off again, then I think the US has a decent chance.
  12. Agreed on Harris. He’s had a great year and finished well in the 2015 PGA at WS. NA has played out of his mind the past two weeks so could be a great captains pick.
  13. Speaking of Reed what happened to him this weekend? He screwed my DraftKings team
  14. 1. 14 2. Right handed 3. Vokey SM8 52 (51) and 56 4. I’ve always been a fan of the TM wedge looks, especially the Hi-toe. I bag Taylormade driver/woods and putter. 5. Yes 6. Yes, driving from Savannah, GA. 7. Yes of course!
  15. Fujikura Atmos tour spec black 8TX playing 44.5”. Like the weight and the low spin.
  16. Literally me. Shot a career round of 79 once when ballstriking was incredibly consistent that day. Still trying to get back there but am nearly always mid to high 80’s…
  17. Hmmm not sure I understand the joke or how this helps.
  18. I’m from the US on business travel in the Netherlands and hear they require a permit to play certain courses. Is there a means for a visitor to play and what is required? I have a handicap index and a home course in the US which can be contacted if need be. One of my Netherlands business colleagues will be available to play with me if that helps the situation. Thanks, Jim
  19. I play ~90% of my shots around the green with my 56. The remaining 10% is a myriad of clubs depending on what the shot calls for.
  20. Oh my god champ why not hit your 2i 320yds in the fairway again
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