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  1. Probably makes sense. Since joining a new club with super fast greens, I've found myself liking more loft though. I've had a hell of a time getting the speed right and have had more success popping it up a bit more. Not sure this is the right strategy but it's what naturally I've gravitated towards.
  2. I used to have a chipper and loved it. Now that I live on a golf course and practice/play nearly every day, I decided to get rid of it. I'm glad I did but it was definitely an adjustment. The clubs I use the most are my utility wedge (gap) and sand wedge. When I have a fluffy lie and need even more loft, I pull out my 58*. I started using my wedge a bit more lately but need to get more practice under my belt with it. I would imagine my 8 and 9 iron will be used eventually but not yet... baby steps.
  3. Well, I pulled the trigger on the mevo+ so I'm excited to try it! I should have it by the weekend.
  4. Yeah, I can see that. What I was really thinking with that is the video would be really helpful. For example, I had a lesson a couple weeks ago and the pro pointed out a couple of things to work on. While hitting into a net at home, I've been video recording my swing and can tell it's getting more like what he was showing me. I'm hoping that the Mevo+ video works similarly so that I can actually see what I'm doing.
  5. I loved my chipper (which I pulled out of my bag earlier this year) but it was limiting. I tried to use it in situations that now I know were not ideal. Since pulling it out of my bag, I have so many more tools based on the lie, what I'm trying to accomplish, and my current level of confidence. For me, I most often use my 58*, sw, utility, w, and 9. I don't use the 7 or 8 like what some people do. The utility wedge is my favorite. Saying all that, I also live on a golf course and can practice almost every day. If I didn't have the opportunity or desire to play/practice as m
  6. Yep... even when I have a terrible round, I want it even more to prove myself that I'm better than that.
  7. Yes, the stuff on the left is just junk that I have yet to get rid of when we moved into our house last year. That's great to hear about the apps. Again, thanks for the info.
  8. Here is a pic of my setup (in progress). Obviously my car won't be there when hitting, but the rest is pretty much what it is. I would think this would work, yes? I only plan to use this during the day, so the lights won't be flickering.
  9. I appreciate the reply. So, was I correct in that it's just Flightscope's app that only works on IOS? The Raposodo won't work for me because I don't have a damn Apple product that is compatible with it. My dad gave me his old iPhone 6 and my wife has a one year old iPad but it doesn't work either.
  10. That's interesting because I would have thought pros make more than 50% of 8ft putts. Sort of ironic because I was playing yesterday and I had about that much for a par on the final hole but missed it. I was disappointed but then thought to myself, that's okay, I won't get them all - probably only about half of those. Perhaps I'm overinflating my actual success with 7-8 ft putts.
  11. I'm really curious to hear the thoughts from others, particularly those who have a Mevo +. I have never owned a launch monitor before getting a Rapsodo MLM recently. After using it for a couple weeks, I'm sending it back. For one, I couldn't get it to read accurately at all on my range. It might have been user error but after two outings, I gave up. I figure that if it's that picky with getting it set up, I don't want to mess with it. I decided instead to set up an outdoor hitting area into a net with it. However, even though I have an older iPhone and an iPad, neither are the right ver
  12. Still no codes for the Mevo+? I'm thinking very seriously about buying one soon.
  13. Yeah, I'm kinda bummed because I didn't want to have to spend $ on top of the expense of the Rapsodo. However, I don't own any apple products. I was initially excited that my wife just got an ipad from work that I can use and my dad gave me his old iPhone 6. However, neither of those devices are compatible with indoor, which is my setup. Now I have to think about whether to invest $600 in an iPad that is compatible indoors or abort. Not sure what I'm going to do but am also considering just going with a Mevo+ which will provide better stats and accuracy and not force me to get an ipad. I
  14. You're just using it outside, correct? I was told that it does NOT work indoors by customer support.
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