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  1. Wilson. What's stupid is that I can't even tell you why. That brand has just never spoken to me.
  2. I now have about 12-15 rounds under my belt with my G425s. There is no question these clubs are staying. As I've said before, I don't think they are necessarily giving me better distance or control over my 710s but the feel and sound is much better. As a result, I just like pulling this iron out of the bag over the 710s. I still think both are solid iron sets.
  3. It's funny that you say that. I've only owned my 425s for a couple weeks (maybe 4-5 rounds) and already love the U. I have more confidence in that club than any other in my bag. I love pulling it out for a 95 yard shot to the green and also use it a lot for chipping.
  4. I really like the utility wedge 425 for chipping. I use it for some bump and run action otherwise I go to my Vokey SM8s. I also really like the U from about 95 yards out. I've never hit with any other G irons (except for the 710s) so I don't know how they compare to others. The G425s seem like irons I'm going to have in my bag for a while. They're just solid clubs.
  5. I played another round with the 425s today. I definitely prefer the feel of these over the 710s. I'm getting about the same distance from each but prefer the 425s particularly due to less clackiness. My 710s are going up for sale this weekend.
  6. I've had my 425s now for a couple of weeks and have compared a lot with my current G710s. I still need time to experiment but they are both solid irons. In the end, I prefer the 425s. I really like the the club finish, more compact face, and better feel. You get much less clacky feeling hits with the 425s, at least in my experience.
  7. Yeah, that's what I was starting to think as well, not about you, but me I play solo mostly because we moved to a new town during the pandemic and haven't tried socializing much right now. I also don't like planning things around my round but instead just like to jump on the course when I can. I live across the street from #6 tee box on my course so I usually wait for an opening, and then jump on and play. The other thing about playing solo is that I can get nine in at just 85-90 minutes (walking) which makes it easier to fit in right before dinner. I play probabl
  8. Don't tell my wife, but I picked up a set of Ping G425 irons although partially paid off by selling other clubs.
  9. I'm going out to play 9 holes this afternoon with my new 425s. I'm very excited to see how they play. I'll report back later.
  10. I'm typically around a 10 handicap and was playing with TaylorMade M2 irons until my recent switch to Ping G710s. I'm finding more success with the 710s the more I play with them but still, I kind of feel like there is a better iron out there for me which is why I decided to get the 425s to compare. My G425s were delivered this evening, just as the sun was going down. However, I couldn't resist so I ran over to the fairway across the street from my house and hit a few with the nine iron. First impressions based on swinging the club and looks... - I currently have G
  11. Very good, thanks for all of the input. I guess I'm glad I ate that triple bogie, but that hurt. Just another example of how thin success lies in golf.
  12. On one round, I was hustling to get to the pro shop to sign in and get to the first tee as my playing partner was waiting for me. I pulled up to the tee box and he looked at me laughing. I had no idea what he was chuckling about until I realized that I forgot to put my bag on the cart. I wasn't even drinking at that point.
  13. Okay, but what about a ball that is imbedded in a bunker and the integrity of the trap is comprised? The bunkers at my course aren't the best and sometimes there is just a smattering of sand that is broken up (looks like an avalanche) towards the lip. That was the case with my ball. It wasn't just imbedded but also sitting where the trap wasn't well kept, to say the very least. I suppose I know the answer to this, tough beans. Yes?
  14. Yeah, that's how I've always thought it should be. People should buy YOU a round.
  15. Wow, that is a big cup. I've only seen them on tv and pics like what you showed. That's a funny story about your buddy. I like the fact that he also used your club.
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