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  1. Definitely agree. No shame at all with using a chipper, although some like to do so. I would actually recommend it to players who don't get out very often. Unless you have the opportunity to practice using your wedges, the chipper might be the better option. This past year, I had the opportunity to get out probably 6 days a week.
  2. I started this thread about a year ago, which is when I finally committed to taking my chipper out of my bag and instead, started learning how to use my wedges. While it took some time to make the transition, I can say happily now after a year, I have so much more to work with using my 58, 54, and 52 for most shots around the greens. I've also learned how to use my 9 iron pretty well on really thin lies (~30-50 yards out) when I don't have confidence in my 54. That's what I love about my short game now - I have options. For anyone thinking about doing this, I would encourage it! That said, I live on a golf course and get out 6 days a week. If I were only playing once a month like I used to, I probably would have just kept using my chipper because it does take time to make the switch.
  3. My Bushnell V3 stopped working yesterday on the course. That stinks as I wasn't looking forward to buying a new one right now. It was about 6 years old but was thinking that it would last longer. I'm currently looking at the Pro XE and the V5 Shift. It appears the only differences between the two are that the Pro XE has 7x magnification versus 6x on the V5 and the XE comes with the elements feature. For those who have used the XE, is the elements feature really helpful? I live in Tampa, so it doesn't get very cold here so I'm not sure there would be very significant differences due to the weather. I probably don't really even need slope as my course is pretty flat for the most part, but I kind of want it anyway. I'm intrigued by the elements feature but just not sure it's worth $80 more. Also, I believe I read that the device has a sensor which picks up the temperature which provides the adjusted elements distance. If that's true, I assume then you have to have the device out of it's case? I don't like sticking it to the golf cart and would rather keep it in one of my zipper pockets for better protection and so I don't lose it. Any thoughts?
  4. Probably makes sense. Since joining a new club with super fast greens, I've found myself liking more loft though. I've had a hell of a time getting the speed right and have had more success popping it up a bit more. Not sure this is the right strategy but it's what naturally I've gravitated towards.
  5. I used to have a chipper and loved it. Now that I live on a golf course and practice/play nearly every day, I decided to get rid of it. I'm glad I did but it was definitely an adjustment. The clubs I use the most are my utility wedge (gap) and sand wedge. When I have a fluffy lie and need even more loft, I pull out my 58*. I started using my wedge a bit more lately but need to get more practice under my belt with it. I would imagine my 8 and 9 iron will be used eventually but not yet... baby steps.
  6. Well, I pulled the trigger on the mevo+ so I'm excited to try it! I should have it by the weekend.
  7. Yeah, I can see that. What I was really thinking with that is the video would be really helpful. For example, I had a lesson a couple weeks ago and the pro pointed out a couple of things to work on. While hitting into a net at home, I've been video recording my swing and can tell it's getting more like what he was showing me. I'm hoping that the Mevo+ video works similarly so that I can actually see what I'm doing.
  8. I loved my chipper (which I pulled out of my bag earlier this year) but it was limiting. I tried to use it in situations that now I know were not ideal. Since pulling it out of my bag, I have so many more tools based on the lie, what I'm trying to accomplish, and my current level of confidence. For me, I most often use my 58*, sw, utility, w, and 9. I don't use the 7 or 8 like what some people do. The utility wedge is my favorite. Saying all that, I also live on a golf course and can practice almost every day. If I didn't have the opportunity or desire to play/practice as much as I do, my chipper would probably still be in my bag.
  9. Yep... even when I have a terrible round, I want it even more to prove myself that I'm better than that.
  10. Yes, the stuff on the left is just junk that I have yet to get rid of when we moved into our house last year. That's great to hear about the apps. Again, thanks for the info.
  11. Here is a pic of my setup (in progress). Obviously my car won't be there when hitting, but the rest is pretty much what it is. I would think this would work, yes? I only plan to use this during the day, so the lights won't be flickering.
  12. I appreciate the reply. So, was I correct in that it's just Flightscope's app that only works on IOS? The Raposodo won't work for me because I don't have a damn Apple product that is compatible with it. My dad gave me his old iPhone 6 and my wife has a one year old iPad but it doesn't work either.
  13. That's interesting because I would have thought pros make more than 50% of 8ft putts. Sort of ironic because I was playing yesterday and I had about that much for a par on the final hole but missed it. I was disappointed but then thought to myself, that's okay, I won't get them all - probably only about half of those. Perhaps I'm overinflating my actual success with 7-8 ft putts.
  14. I'm really curious to hear the thoughts from others, particularly those who have a Mevo +. I have never owned a launch monitor before getting a Rapsodo MLM recently. After using it for a couple weeks, I'm sending it back. For one, I couldn't get it to read accurately at all on my range. It might have been user error but after two outings, I gave up. I figure that if it's that picky with getting it set up, I don't want to mess with it. I decided instead to set up an outdoor hitting area into a net with it. However, even though I have an older iPhone and an iPad, neither are the right versions to be able to use hitting into a net. Therefore, instead of spending a few hundred dollars on a new iPad, I'm sending it back and am now considering purchasing a Mevo+ to get better accuracy and more data along with not having to own an apple product. My questions are... 1. Will the Mevo+ work with a pc or my android phone? I've gotten very confused on this topic. I have read that people use it connected to their PC. However, on Flightscope's website, they state "Download for IOS and Android". Although, then under that, it says that "our apps only work when a mevo unit is paired with your mobile device and mevo+ apps currently only work on iOS". I was really hoping that I wouldn't have to purchase an iPad or iPhone to use this. Are they just referring to their own app but you can purchase other 3rd party apps that do work on Android? 2. I'm considering this purchase solely to get better. I'm not looking at this as a toy or just something to do. I have access to my golf course throughout the year, as I live in Florida right off one of my club's holes. However, we don't have a range so working on my game is limiting. I'd really like to dedicate some time to improving my swing and getting a better handle on what I hit each club. I would think that a personal launch monitor would help in this regard provided that I'm practicing in a meaningful way, correct? This seems like an obvious answer but just want to have realistic expectations. 3. I currently have a net and mat under a very larger carport that was originally built for an RV so it's very tall, long, and wide (space is not an issue). I plan to use the launch monitor in this way probably 80% of the time versus taking it to a range which I'll only do occasionally. From what I've read about the Mevo+, it should be pretty accurate in this kind of environment. Is there anything that I should know about using it mostly hitting into a net? Any other thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!
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