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  1. Any chance you can post the new players4 stadry colorways?
  2. blam89

    2 ball ten

    Is it just mine or does the 2ball ten want to sit open?
  3. Did Xander switch back to a traditional putter for the olympics?
  4. For whatever reason so far I have much less club tangle in the players 4. I can actually pull clubs out with the legs deployed. Time will tell. the cel doesn’t have true full length dividers either
  5. Got sick of the crazy club tangle from my hoofer cel so trying the players4
  6. I’ve gotten fed up with the horrible club tangle with my hoofer cel and am trying out a titleist players 4 now
  7. If you are about to buy an Epic driver, save some $$$ and buy this coupon instead I won the US Open Callaway promo and received a $530 coupon from Callaway. I am happy with my current gamer and will not be switching so figured I would sell the coupon. Coupon is valid for an Epic Max, Epic Max LS, or Epic Speed driver with your choice of shaft and grip. Looking for $470 OBO I can send proof that the coupon is valid and will forward the coupon code once funds are received I also have two BNIB sets of Arccos sensors (each box com
  8. Good to know. Sadly the smoke rdx is only available in xstiff 🥲
  9. Weird I can only find it when I click on custom shafts on callaway website
  10. Is the rdx a stock shaft option or an up charge shaft?
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