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  1. The stock length shaft that came on my SIM 5 wood was 41.5” from end of adapter to end of grip. I would say if you’re using a driver shaft to go into it, I would butt trim it close (maybe 1” long) and try it to see if you would need it tip trimmed at all and then butt and or tip trim it to whatever length you want. The recommendations for tip trimming for shafts can usually be found on manufacturer websites. For example I think the Fuji Velocore shafts have a recommendation of 0.5” tip trim for 5W but I found I liked it better without any tip trimming for the shaft in using.
  2. I have a similar setup as you with stiff in driver and fairway woods, then regular in irons.
  3. I had this happen to me and submitted a warranty claim on their site. They did ask for proof of purchase but that was it. Within 2 weeks it was approved and they sent me a SIM2 as a replacement.
  4. I would second giving the Ventus blue a swing. The black profile felt a bit more boardy than the blue.
  5. I haven’t tried the 425, but tried the 410 LST with a Ventus Red 6S that was a pretty good combo. I tried the blue in the same session and it launched way too low for me. I think a 5S would have been perfect, but they did not have any in their fitting cart at the time. The R2 shaft you got I know would be a little soft for my preference based on the 6R blue I had previously in a different driver. My SS is avg 94. But since you already have it hopefully it works out!
  6. I’ve always had to put it back on in pieces on the fade side of the track. Black bottom plate , then the silver top and carefully thread the screw in.
  7. Maybe give the Ventus red and blue a swing (the Velocore ones)? I went to the Ventus blue from the Diamana stock shaft that Taylormade sim came with and it was similar but with better dispersion.
  8. Haha yeah, I had the same thought. My previous shaft was played at 46” as well so I wanted to start there before cutting it down and tossing more weight back into the head. I’ve only lightened the head so far. Hope it works out for you!
  9. I’m currently using a SF505 uncut on a SIM 9* lofted down to 8.25* with singweight at a bit under D2. I tried to lighten the head more but it did not work out as well for me. Currently have a 9g weight in the rear and a 10g weight in the front. I have some more weights coming to try to move more weight back into the rear while keeping a similar swing weight. Currently the head is at about 192g Definitely faster with more carry distance, but I’ve lost accuracy vs my previous shaft.
  10. I’ve had decent success with my GAPR 3 mid off the tee, might be worth trying if you can find one for cheap.
  11. I’m a high teens handicapper and by all accounts have no business playing blades, but I prefer how the smaller soles feel when contacting through the ground, and have gotten to the point where I’m not too far behind the M3 irons I used to play in terms of distance. Granted though, I only play blades until 5i and then go into hybrids and woods due to my swing speed.
  12. I’ve tried the 5R red made for in the SIM Max 10.5* and it launched way too high for me. I’ve also tried a 6S blue and 6S red in a 10.5* Ping 410LST and 9* SIM. I am currently gaming a 6S blue in a SIM 9* as that worked better. I wasn’t able to compare side by side the non-Velocore vs the Velocore versions, but in the drivers with the velocore shafts there was a noticeable dispersion improvement for me. The dispersion improvement was also noticeable VS the stock Diamana stiff shaft too. I have a SS of average 94 and usually launch high-high spin with the driver. I’m not sure if this would be applicable to the OP, but I found which Ventus worked better for me was a bit head dependant. The red had better results in the Ping while the blue had better results in the SIM.
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