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  1. I've ordered a 7iron with the modus and I'll see how I get on. I can't obtain launch and spin numbers with each fit but everything was on point with both, only difference being that the second dude emphasised that I need a 120g shaft with more stiffness in the tip. I suppose that would suggest that the KBS is less stiff at that end.
  2. I'm currently using KBS Tour V 110 Stiff in my irons which I was fitted for about 6 months ago. Can't say I'm crazy about them but went for a different fitting and was advised to change to Modus 120x. I'm not too educated on shafts really with all your kick points and such but wondering if it's quite a difference? My 7 iron swing speed is roughly 86mph. Is an x-flex too much? Is the KBS not enough? I'm confused.
  3. Hi, First post here. Looking for some advice. I currently am gaming t100-s 4-pw but can't seem to get on with them particularly in the long irons. I find it very difficult out of the rough. I used to have Ping i200 and they were silly forgiving. Was thinking of upgrading to either the i210 straight from 4-pw or a combo set of Srixon ZX5 4 & 5 and ZX7 6-pw. I'm sure the new Srixon's would be similar to the previous model. Would anybody have any idea which might be best particularly with the long irons? Thanks
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