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  1. So I am curious if anyone has any insight on this manner... I had a 2020 SIM driver that I sent in for warranty replacement through my local Club Champion in early Dec. I have been told they will be replacing it with a SIM 2 but here we are now in mid April and I still haven't gotten my replacement. Is anyone else experiencing this long wait time? Masters weekend is usually when I get out and start playing somewhat regularly and I'm kind of disappointed that I really can't go play. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Literally exactly what happened with mine... both issues
  3. Not sure yet - having my fitter at CC handle it. That said, it is worth noting that the TM site custom shop is not offering ANY right hand options which leads me to believe I will probably not get anything back until after the new year. If they are in fact out of stock, then I may not see anything until the new product is launched.
  4. I would have probably done just that except I m planning a trip to Bandon in a few weeks and wanted a chance of getting it back
  5. I actually am kinda digging it... just sent my SIM 1.0 in for Warranty (plastic fell out of the inside and crack in the speed track) and noticed that you can’t get certain heads any more off their site... wondering if this is what I’ll get back
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