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  1. Thanks for your support. Yes the suggestion is true. Caddies are so good nowadays at calculating slope because they have either prior course knowledge or use the slope function in practice rounds practice play. That is what I learned from fellow NCAA athletes and pros alike
  2. They look very, very comfortable!!! Like a New Balance x Sketchers Hybrid.
  3. This kind of relates to the rangefinder forum I just replied to. Short answer is currently subjective to the player, but in the long run, NO! A player is responsible for knowing the course and understanding what shot to hit when. A caddie is there for yardage, bag carrying, second opinions, moral support, and course knowledge, all of which a player should be capable of harnessing him/herself! If rangefinders were implement across the professional circuit, caddie's responsibilities would go down by 1/2.
  4. Rangefinders for getting yardage is like the internet for looking up info before when you had to open up a book or encyclopedia, manuals, dictionary etc... The efficiency, accuracy, and speed with which Rangefinders relay yardage should be used across the world, in professional play, etc... Speed up the game and make it easier for people to get what matters most, a yardage! Especially for good players, yardage is everything. Why have a caddie mess around with yardage books when you can just laser the pin, get a slope adjustment, pull a club and make a swing? If If I was a pro, I'd keep the cad
  5. Agree with that. Sometimes you can get lucky at a Marshalls, Ross, or Saks off 5th. Sometimes...
  6. Those slingers always looked ridiculous!
  7. WOW!!! Is that a copper inlay on the face? It reminds me of Brooks Koepka's putter a little.
  8. Those are all some great looking putters. https://compassgolfco.com/ ^ I assume his website. I must say though, a little close to the (copyright/trademark) style of the Scotty, even the emblem and lettering.
  9. Solid, what would you sell it for now? Priceless?
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