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  1. yeah, it's 1100 or so USD for some i210 heads. I didn't convert the 1800CAD to USD for the mizuno heads, though.
  2. whew, I just woke up and decided to read through the responses. I didn't expect to get berated and attacked by multiple people just for wanting to buy heads.
  3. TXGstore.com does, so that statement has already been disproved. i'm sure there must be others, too.
  4. I already have some shafts set aside for them, and I want to build them myself.
  5. I've been trying to get my hands on a set of JPX921 Forged or i210 heads, 4-G, but I'm having trouble finding someone to buy them from. Can I get a list of online golf shops that sell iron heads? All I've been able to find is TXG for those 2 irons, and I already contacted Discount Dan's, and that was a no-go.
  6. Blades are ugly, and I don't understand the attraction to them.
  7. The title says it all, I'm looking for i210's 4-U heads only, standard lofts, standard lie (black dot), or Mizuno JPX 921 forged 4-GW heads, standard lofts, standard lie. I already have some shafts ready for them, and I plan on building them myself. I've never done that myself with an iron set, but I gotta start somewhere.
  8. Well said. This expresses exactly what I’m thinking, put into better words. I’m in the opposite boat as you, since I do have a higher speed, so I’m trying to avoid those high-COR irons. My current 0211’s are exactly that, hence the search for new toys.
  9. Forgiveness, but not overdone. not a blade, not too thin, not too sharp, I like to see the junk in the trunk to inspire confidence, especially in the longer clubs. offset is good, but tbh I'm not that picky about it. progressive offset is a novel concept that I've liked before. high 4 iron flight. My current set is progressive, and the 4 iron is on 'roids. with what I've got, I can hit a green at 200 and it'll stop within 5-7 yards. There also isn't anywhere around that has a demo 4i of any kind. it's all 6 or 7. spin should be average to high average, but that's a hard measureme
  10. I'm seriously debating on grabbing some i210's, but they seem to be well into the end of their life. Ping is also known for making each iteration slightly better than the last, as opposed to releasing something "new" that's actually worse. with the imminent nature of their supposed replacement, I'm hesitating.
  11. I meant compared to each other. not necessarily looking for "oh it launches at x with y apex and z descent", more looking for "oh, x's 4 iron seems to peak higher than Y's iron, and I haven't hit Z's 4 iron"
  12. can anybody provide pics of specifically 4 irons from the i210, JPX 921 Forged, ZX7 and (ugh) T100 and T200? I'd also like comparisons on how high the flight is on said 4 irons. call me weird, but I'm picky about my 4-iron and set matching gap wedge.
  13. Maybe I should go for the question "most forgiving iron that isn't hollow bodied or multi-material" or "most forgiving solid bodied 1 or 2 piece forging. tungsten is allowed"
  14. so with these last bits of information, I can try and refine what I'm trying to say to be something like.. "I'm trying to avoid an iron that has that "ultra sweet spot", that makes the ball go too far when you hit it too good. I want forgiveness on as much of the face as possible, but I don't want it to just be "alright it's more forgiving everywhere, including the sweet spot" increased forgiveness in an iron where it's needed, and no undue help in the middle where it can be detrimental (drivers, anyone?) also preferably not a hollow bodied/multi-material iron, with the exception of tungsten.
  15. see, that's the part I'm quickly realizing I haven't caught on to. What's the difference between "forgiving" and "consistent"?
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