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  1. In golf and in life, I have always lived by the words "Go big or go home" for better or for worse.
  2. First up is the Sevens: This is a set of Seven MB's that was used for about 4 months before they were tossed. They're in great condition, and have Crazy Dead Black iron shafts in all 7 of them, and have fresh Golf Pride MCC Midsize grips on them. This is a premium among premium sets, so get it while you can! -$6000 OBO, open to trading for 2-3 extremely rare swag mallet covers, trades at bottom Next up is... more Sevens. Wedges this time. A set of 3: 51, 57, and 61, plus an extra 51 thrown in as a practice wedge, so you don't wear out the grooves of your gamers. These have Fuj
  3. Looking to find some heavier weights for my new hybrid. Need to increase the swing weight a tad, so heavier weights seemed like the best option. Went with a 3 hybrid, and cut a ventus blue HB to an iron length, and the swing weight ended up too low. I can't seem to find any replacement weights online, since the product is so new.
  4. idk, that looks a bit too big to be a hybrid. I'd like to try and throw out a few ideas that I don't think are true. 1: It's a bigger, more "game improvement" Apex DCB? Hybrid to add to their current lineup of 2 The idea of Phil using this bigger, more game improvement Apex hybrid as a tour only model is laughable (more on this later) 2: They're coming out with an entire new line of clubs half a year into the life of the Epic Max/Speed that includes a chunky hybrid This is equally unlikely, as Callaway's product cycle has been ridiculously easy to follow in the
  5. LAAAAAME! although kudos to Fujikura for preventing the spread of misinformation. Does this mean we're straight up getting Apex fairways? has this even crossed anyone's mind as a possibility? They literally said that it's a Ventus Wood shaft, and never said anything about it being heavily tip trimmed to be put in a hybrid.
  6. got all the components ordered. I'm going to build a 19 degree with a Ventus Blue HB 8S.
  7. Is nobody else going to point out that if that is indeed a hybrid, there are Ventus Red Hybrid shafts in the pipeline?
  8. Is there anything on which hosel adapter it uses? I'm building one with a Ventus blue hybrid shaft, and Cobra's website doesn't have an adapter available specifically for the King Tec Hybrid.
  9. Bo is awesome, but you have made a critical error. Bo owns Golf Tech, which is decidedly not Golftec. There was a small legal battle that happened when Golftec decided it was a good idea to tell Bo that he couldn't use their name. Bo turned around and simply said "I've been here longer, how about YOU stop using MY store's name!" and they both elected to cease the legal argument. Back to the topic at hand, yeah, i210's are magical. went from PXG 0211's to i210's that I built myself, and I couldn't be happier with how they're doing for me. My first round with
  10. The list mentioned above was super helpful in narrowing things down. I ended up going with: Driver: Patrick Gibbons Handmade "Designated" Driver cover (It's funny because I don't drink) 3-Wood: Custom from Robert Mark. Got all black leather, gun-slinging panda on the top, and an inside joke at the club I work at. 3 Hybrid: Dormie Night Ninja Blackout. haven't ordered it yet, I need to hear back on an inquiry on getting a head only option from Mike's Golf Outlet. Putter: Swag El Grande King Mallet cover. It's a good gamer option, since it was a pre-order, and I won't feel ba
  11. Don't ask me how this idea started, because I don't know, either. I currently do not have a single thing in my bag that matches any other part of the bag, excluding Callaway ball/driver, and Titleist bag/putter, and I just want to roll with it at this point. Currently bagging a Patrick Gibbons Handmade driver cover and a Robert Mark Fairway cover. I need some assistance with choosing a mallet headcover brand and a hybrid headcover. I'm currently using the Cover that came with my Scotty, but Scotty Cameron putter covers are awful, and it's got to go. I'm planning on addi
  12. My family and I are planning on going to Palm Springs, and given that we plan on traveling for golf with our clubs more in the future, we decided to buy at least one travel cover. My dad has one that is veritably ancient, but is made of some super thick almost neoprene style material. it's been on a large handful of trips already, and works fine. It can theoretically fit 2 bags in it if you pick 2 small bags. For the second one, we have burrowed a friend's hard-shell case before, but we usually buy him a box of balls every time we use it. it doesn't even take 10 boxes o
  13. Looking to see if any of these are out there in the wild for sale. It's a long shot, but it's worth a try.
  14. It was kind of out of the blue. I'm still utterly overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of it all. There's even a Titleist Vokey Design Stand Bag that looks like it's made out of genuine alligator leather. I can't even find pictures of this bag on the internet.
  15. It's a long story. Short version is that a member gifted me these clubs and said "If you like them, you can have them, and if you don't, sell 'em". I was not responsible for the poor choices made with these clubs.
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