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  1. Diamana X'17 50S: $old Swag Golf Blackjack King and Queen wood cover set NooB: $old! Swag Golf White Elephant Mallet Cover Sealed: $old! Swag UNRL Grey with Skulls Crossover Hoodie II New with Tags: $old! Swag UNRL Lime Rope Snapback: $old Swag UNRL SG logo Fitted hat: $old
  2. I'm in the single specialty wedge boat, too. I have Ping I210's 4 down to U (50°) and jump to an Edison Forged 57°, and use that for 100% of my shots inside of 115, provided neutral conditions. I ended up putting the LAGP TPZone05 putter shaft in it, and it's so good, I passed my PAT with it. Don't sleep on the TPZone in wedges.
  3. Wow! I might need to excuse myself for a while, those are absolutely tantalizing.
  4. 1: Closest Club Champion: Fort Worth, Texas 2: Driver or Putter? Driver 3: Did I follow on Twitter? Yes 4: how would it improve my game? I had a little disagreement with my driver today, and am now looking for a new one. I've never had a proper fitting of any kind before, as I usually just try to fit myself.
  5. UNRL blue Snapback: $old UNRL Orange Fitted M/L: $old YKYMF Driver: $old Elephant print S Mallet: $old Cocktail Mallet: $old Blackjack King Driver: $old Booster Mallet: $old Hadoken: $old Cookie 3.0: $old Robert Mark Custom: $old Cleoputtra Mallet Special: $old Putt on a happy defaced mallet: $old Mac Command+R G/Fore hat: $old
  6. heck, while we're at it, any word on LAGP iron shafts that aren't the Tour AXS? coughRebarcough
  7. I'm probably in the minority when I say this on this website... If you can't say anything about it, don't. We don't want anyone losing their jobs here.
  8. I've been wondering if there's an update to this. I forget which thread I saw the picture in, but it was very clearly a Spider with a slant neck, and it had an LAGP TPZone shaft on it, which everyone believed to be impossible, since it's an over-hosel type neck. LAGP's site says that the putter shaft only fits into Plumber's necks at this time, which leads me to believe over-hosel shaft plans are in the future. (heck, I put one in my wedge, and it's actually really good) Is there any news at all on over-hosel graphite putter shafts at all? doesn't necessarily have to be LAGP, but they are a point of interest. in case you didn't catch on, I want to put an LAGP putter shaft into my JT Inspired Scotty Cameron.
  9. Monday the 15th I passed my Playing Ability Test, Thursday I scored a Swag drop and an interview/tour at a certain boutique golf company, Monday I opened up my swag package to a special, Tuesday I got my first hole-in-one, and Wednesday I got a phone call telling me I got the job! I have a lot to be thankful for today, and now I'm slashing prices to celebrate! Seven MB's with Crazy Dead I-100's: $old Cobra King Tec Hybrid with Ventus Blue HB: $old M5 3-wood head only: $old LAGP Trono 65S; Taylormade tip, 42" (5W): $sold Swagatha Mind DGAP NOOB no bag: $old RomaRo metalwoods: $old pin 11/25
  10. Does anybody know if the replaceable weight in the sole is the same as a previous Callaway offering, or is an entirely new one? I want to replace the 5g weight that came with mine with a 2g one, and can't find any information on what to buy to replace it.
  11. Okay, I guess it is indeed tipped 2.5", but the tip parallel should be longer than that, now that I've had time to think about it. We should've realized sooner that it was .335.
  12. I don't know who started this bit about Phil's Ventus Red being heavily tipped to get to .370, but Fujikura never said anything about that. They only made it clear that it was a wood shaft, and there was no Ventus Red hybrid shaft in the works. The head said "APEX", and it was small enough that people assumed it was a hybrid, and thus the assumption was made by a few people that it had been tipped. The 2.5 inches bit probably came from someone who measured their own Ventus Wood shaft to see how much you would have to tip it to get to .370, but Fujikura never said a single thing about how much it was tipped, nor did anyone officially say anything about what the Hosel diameter of Phil's club was. If they had, we would have known that this Apex Utility Wood was in the works, and with embargo dates and whatnot, it was better to not say anything and allow the masses to mislead themselves into making incorrect assumptions.
  13. I have a JT Inspired SC, and the Swag mallet covers fit great. the longer you use them, the better they fit, too.
  14. have a few things to sell, prices are all open to cash offers Seven MB irons with Crazy Dead I-100 shafts: These have seen around 3-4 months of use, and the person that I received them from is the original owner, ordered from Tourspecgolf. These are CNC milled beauties with an amazing shaft upgrade, and are in excellent condition. $4900 OBO Swag Golf Blasted Billy Mallet Special with misprint decoy "you did NOT receive a special" sticker when it is, in fact, a special. Sealed in bag, 1 of 30 made. $444.44 Swag Golf Burger Marker sealed: $old! Swag Golf Baltimore Driver cover: $old! Swag Golf Da Coach Ditka driver cover Season 2: $150 RomaRo Ray ⍺ Gold metals: Driver, Fairway, and Utility. These are JDM imports, and retail prices can be found on Tourspecgolf for $1219.05, $746.55, and $633.15 respectively. These have seen about 3-4 months of play, and are priced LOW LOW. Shafts are HZRDUS RDX black in the driver and fairway, and CK blue in the utility. Driver: $300 Fairway: $200 Utility: $150 All 3 together: $600 Pending sale Trades that interest me include swag/dgap items only. Seven MB's Swag Golf Swag RomaRo Ray ⍺ Gold imports: Dm's are wide open, these need to be sold!
  15. In golf and in life, I have always lived by the words "Go big or go home" for better or for worse.
  16. First up is the Sevens: This is a set of Seven MB's that was used for about 4 months before they were tossed. They're in great condition, and have Crazy Dead Black iron shafts in all 7 of them, and have fresh Golf Pride MCC Midsize grips on them. This is a premium among premium sets, so get it while you can! -$5499 OBO RomaRo Ray ⍺ Gold metalwoods: Driver, Fairway, and Utility: These are all JDM clubs, and all are of the non-conforming variety. Pics tell the rest of the story, and they've only been used for about 4 months, as well. The one thing that the pics don't capture well is the foil graphic that is on the driver. Check these out on Tourspecgolf. These prices are bonkers. -Driver: $600 OBO -Fairway: $400 OBO -Utility: $300 OBO -Set of 3 together: $1000 OBO open to trades involving swag/DGAP headcovers and swag/DGAP limited run putters Sealed Swag Golf Burger Marker: $110 Sealed Blasted Billy Mallet Special, with wrong sticker (It's a decoy sticker that says you did NOT receive a special, but it's sealed, and it's a special, so it's a misprint): $450 OBO Swag Golf Swag Seven MB's: Pic heavy. RomaRo metalwoods: Whew, that was a lot of pictures. Let me know if you're interested, and what offers you can put on the table.
  17. idk, that looks a bit too big to be a hybrid. I'd like to try and throw out a few ideas that I don't think are true. 1: It's a bigger, more "game improvement" Apex DCB? Hybrid to add to their current lineup of 2 The idea of Phil using this bigger, more game improvement Apex hybrid as a tour only model is laughable (more on this later) 2: They're coming out with an entire new line of clubs half a year into the life of the Epic Max/Speed that includes a chunky hybrid This is equally unlikely, as Callaway's product cycle has been ridiculously easy to follow in the short time I've been around. "but ShAMbotay, there aren't any Epic Speed/Max hybrids or irons, and the 2020 Mavriks are not only the "current" flagship model, but are showing signs of being phased out" I don't know about you, man, but that club looks like it says "APEX" to me. 3: Fujikura is just lying and it actually is a HB shaft Nah. That would have serious backlash now that they've gone out of their way to debunk that rumor. 4: This is the current Apex model Totally disagree, I went and checked the USGA conforming list, Callaway's website, and a few other places where I can find some great pics, and it's not a match. *disclaimer: I'm blind as a bat, so my word here probably doesn't mean much My guess is that it's a straight up Apex fairway wood, or it's something along the lines of an "Apex Super Hybrid", which, knowing Callaway, is not out of the cards.
  18. LAAAAAME! although kudos to Fujikura for preventing the spread of misinformation. Does this mean we're straight up getting Apex fairways? has this even crossed anyone's mind as a possibility? They literally said that it's a Ventus Wood shaft, and never said anything about it being heavily tip trimmed to be put in a hybrid.
  19. got all the components ordered. I'm going to build a 19 degree with a Ventus Blue HB 8S.
  20. Is nobody else going to point out that if that is indeed a hybrid, there are Ventus Red Hybrid shafts in the pipeline?
  21. Is there anything on which hosel adapter it uses? I'm building one with a Ventus blue hybrid shaft, and Cobra's website doesn't have an adapter available specifically for the King Tec Hybrid.
  22. Bo is awesome, but you have made a critical error. Bo owns Golf Tech, which is decidedly not Golftec. There was a small legal battle that happened when Golftec decided it was a good idea to tell Bo that he couldn't use their name. Bo turned around and simply said "I've been here longer, how about YOU stop using MY store's name!" and they both elected to cease the legal argument. Back to the topic at hand, yeah, i210's are magical. went from PXG 0211's to i210's that I built myself, and I couldn't be happier with how they're doing for me. My first round with them was a 78, which is 2 strokes away from a personal best. I did mess up the ferrule on the U club, though, so I'm going to have to fix that, eventually.
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