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  1. does anyone know how to grip the putter with the press III grip? Do you still grip it with the lifeline of the hand as a usual putter? Am struggling with right to left putts with this putter as am massively left eye dominant. Pics of how it should be gripped appreciated for conventional grip.
  2. was hoping for a centre shafted spider x putter but nothing yet
  3. So, just to be clear, what is the direct comparison between SIM Max and Sim 2 Max? From what Have read it seems like this years Sim 2 Max has gone towards the Sim? Has anyone hit the D type yet and have any thoughts on what this driver offers?
  4. is the new driver being branded as low spin for all models? If so was that the case with the original sim series? My Sim Max spins soo much.
  5. I am gaming these at the moment in a full set. Problem I find is there is a lot of mass in the head. When you release it properly it feels like the club is falling off which can at times make my release reluctant. Going into the P and 9 iron there is a very different look at address that needs to be factoring in when hitting. Launch angle is very high and loads of spin but depends what you want in an iron. The look at address for me can sometimes be off putting if you are trying to shape a shot. If you are just smacking it then perfect.
  6. will the draw bias version be the same as the sim max d or will it be even more draw biased on the level of Big Bertha B21?
  7. hoping for a centre shafted spider in the new releases!
  8. Hi guys, Please see attached. I am wondering whether my irons are too long or my posture is incorrect? Trying out the new George Gankas swing modules AND i ENDED UP HERE.
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