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  1. Looking for a couple sets of Recoil prototype pulls. Grips not needed. let me know what you got. May also consider MMT graphite iron pulls. -Jeff
  2. Good call on the fitting Jim. Dialing in the right shaft is crucial and you'll likely benefit from graphite shafts. I play pings irons and both my sets are Recoils and they've changed the game for me. More height, distance, easier on elbows/hands, etc.
  3. I play Recoil 95's in both my ping 'S' sets, and have 1 set of Recoil 95 F4 and the other set in Recoil Prototype 95 F3 Hardstepped 1X. They both feel similar but the Protos are a touch more accurate and launch slightly lower, but peak height/spin rate between the 2 sets are very similar. Went from heavy steel clubs that were tearing up my elbows and wrists, but with these shafts, I can play golf everyday now. Huge Upgrade!
  4. Looking to pass along some clubs that have been sitting around. Pics have most of the info but reach out with questions or best offers. Asking prices include shipping. Ping S57 5-PW Stiff SST Pure'd Recoil - Keeping Ping Tour-W - Keeping Taylormade Tour Preferred MC 4-PW X-stiff - $old Cobra Amp Cell Driver Stiff - $old Taylormade 58* Wedge - $old 34.5" LH Odyssey Versa 9 Putter - $old Project X 5.5 .355 Taper Tip Pulls - $old Ventus Blue 3W R-flex pull - $old
  5. My uncle got tired of shooting 80s in tournaments so he switched sides practiced all year and went to the tournament and shot the same exact score left! Some people can do it. Justin Thomas and Rickie Fowler can play well lefty also. Moe Norman was left handed but played golf right handed. Phil Mickelson also comes to mind, I believe he is right handed except for golf.
  6. Always believed people should play the tees they are competitive from. Its validating to see golfers to arrive in relatively similar spot on the fairway by playing their appropriate tees.
  7. I use the SC100 and found it to be very accurate compared to range markers and on course distance. It also shows a difference in range ball speed/carry vs a premium ball. Nice little unit for what I need but the SC300 looks great for spin and launch and so forth
  8. Check out Cobra Baffler T-rail hybrids they can be had on ebay for $50-80. High launch/spin Tour AD shaft stock. Great clubs
  9. Agreed, certainly the best part of playing yellow. Ball flights look cool too
  10. Agreed I use a little CA on scratches. Not sure if crack or scratch from pics though.
  11. For budget driver I typically recommend the cobra amp cell drivers. Can be found ~$100 on eBay. The stock Fuji shaft is high spin soft tip though so if you’re a very high speed swinger shots may baloon. I have a Amp cell driver cut down to 44.25” that I put in play on shorter courses that require shot shaping or cutting corners because the high launch/spin Fuji shaft allows for some creativity. For normal course I play a Tsi3 which just wants to go long and strait.
  12. The prov1x actually does have faster ball speeds due to higher compression. But as others noted, may not give more distance for players who already have high speed/spin rates. I like the X but find the prov1 slightly more forgiving off the tee.
  13. I have been building clubs this year and finally decided to build a bench ruler. I bought the ruler for $10 at home depot and used 7/16" dowels for the jig. Total cost about $20 and getting very accurate and reliable measurements. Used to create my latest club build: Recoil 95 F3 Prototypes Hardstepped 1X into mint condition Japanese made Ping S55 heads. S/O @2Tall4Golf for the BST deal on the shafts! Idea from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hy7tz6FFuSI
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