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  1. ben7e

    1st sim set up

    Well, as the OP of this, this is my first sim setup so I don't have a ton to compare it to but it is thick and having hit a couple hundred balls so far into it, it hasnt shown any signs of wear. I put grommets at 2' intervals all around and secured with bungee balls to pipe. Seems to be working very well.
  2. ben7e

    1st sim set up

    I will also add that for my "impact screen" I used celtic cloth from Rose brand. It seems plenty strong and looks great as it is used for theatrical projection. $70 for 12 yards and the fabric is 128" wide. I just added grommets.
  3. ben7e

    1st sim set up

    I would definitely go mevo plus if you have the space with these needs. I went with mevo plus and the weakness is the putting setup so I would just use the included programs on an ipad as they meet your needs.
  4. Thanks for the explanations and articles above! This has been a thought I have had that just seems to be logical and simple and on the surface seems to tell more than other info. The problem being there isn't much data as a reference point out there but it is easy enough to determine. This relationship seems to me like it can explain the difference in feel that most of us can feel. Anyway, that first article is really making a lot of sense. Like I said, I am not a builder and not a good golfer, I just like to understand how things work and therefore think about how to m
  5. First, I am not even close to a club maker just interested in learning some things from those who are. I understand how both swing weight and MOI are measured and it seems like they have their own issues. Many seem to feel MOI is now the better way to match a set as a swing weight, for example, doesn't tell a lot about the actual weight of the club. What I am wondering is why what seems to be a simpler and perhaps more repeatable measurement is not used: Why not express the balance and feel of the club as a representation of total weight of the club and then the balance
  6. I thought about that with E6 Connect and on paper, I thought E6 seemed like the better choice but the first 10 or so people I asked or talked to about it said they preferred TGC2019. I was originally leaning toward E6 for the reasons you say. There is actually a place nearby that has E6 so I can probably check it out.
  7. Thanks for the detailed response! I think I mentioned in the OP that I had bought a Skytrak but I think I will just turn around and list it back up since they are currently so in demand and if I get it out there before Christmas it should sell quick for what I paid or close to it. The Mevo+ seems to have some nice upsides as far as I am concerned. I like the video features as well and it seems to be very nice without even adding on. It also seems to be a bit more accurate horizontally.
  8. Ah thanks, I didn't realize the waiving of the $2500 applied to Mevo+ as well. I was leaning towards TGC2019 but either way, I found it odd that Mevo+ included E6 but they were charging the fee and Skytrak wasn't...now I know I was wrong! Funny enough, I think I've read both of those comparison articles too. Do you have experience with these choices yourself? Which would you recommend? I think I am leaning Mevo+ right now for the lack of delay, and easier setup when switching to a lefty player and even considering just going with the included software to start with.
  9. That is an option. It seems most feel TGC2019 is better than E6. Mevo+ comes with a 5 course version of E6 for iPad so may be a good way to start. TGC2019 is considerably cheaper on Mevo+ but E6 has a better annual option for Skytrak but you need the $99 annual charge on the Skytrak plan on top of that as well so I feel unless using the Mevo+ included course package only that software costs are a fair expense. E6 on Mevo+ is the most expensive by far since you have to pay the $2500 +$300 subscription.
  10. Hi All, Reading through lots of good topics here. I have just ordered a used Skytrak but second guessing maybe going Mevo +. I had been between the two units anyway and have the space for Mevo + if I want to go that way. I am mainly wondering for those who have compared if the included E6 connect gameplay is worse than TGC2019 or not. Being able to play everything from an ipad seems convenient and the one thing I don't like in watching TGC2019 play is that is seems like you have to manually choose each club. It seems this is not the case for E6? The only thing I wasn't crazy ab
  11. I play regular flex. I'm not sure if you can private message me here yet as I'm a new member, but if so, go for it!
  12. This is why I am not too upset I didn't win the auction. However, they went for $560 which is slightly more than the price of 2 new clubs from Edel so I probably could have taken them to a fitting, got new shafts and grips, and still come out in decent shape. That being said, the Wishon's seem to really have a lot figured out and are more affordable while still being customizable and there is a builder near me that works with them.
  13. Looks like current my plan for my bag is pretty similar to what you have going on except shafts. I loved the 5 hybrid I tried so I was going to go 4 Hybrid, 5-SW and then was debating if I should get a Cobra One Lob wedge or just a standard one from another brand (perhaps even a Wishon). I also am going with a 4 wood so really very close to what you have going on.
  14. I'm about to buy a set of these and wondering if there are some users here who played these in 2020. I have seen posts from maybe a couple in searches before. If you have them, are you keeping them?
  15. What one length clubs has everyone played? What is your favorite? Why? Show us some pictures! I have been trying out a few demo clubs but don't have a set yet but I am planning to make the move and play them moving forward. I have tried the Pinhawk, Sterling, and new Wishon EQ1-NX in only the 7i. I really think all 3 are nice clubs. I am most interested in the EQ1-NX as it seems like the most well thought out through the set but the Pinhawk is really a nice feeling club as well. I have seen some Edel sets go for very reasonable prices on eBay lately as well.
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