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  1. My advice would be to find a cheap putter, cut and weld the head to your spec. That should be the cheapest way to get an idea on your proper spec.
  2. Sightline is often biased to human eyes, be aware of that. Therefore no sightline is always a win for me. Also if you are interested in how sightline affect your aim, pls check out this link:
  3. Well, I have found out (at least in my case) that if I try to aim using my eye then it's just too unstable and vulnerable to changes and environment. Now I just try to use my putter like any other clubs and aim with my heart. My putter has been good ever since.
  4. I actually added weight to my grip to counterbalance the putter. Now my putter weighs a lot but has a good balance (around 602g total, swing weight at E3.5, and previously at F3.5), so it is very stable. I suggest you do the same, see how it goes.
  5. Get an old plumber neck blade, cut the neck and weld it to you desire face angle and lie angle. I did that to my old ping and get me self a taste of the armlock.
  6. I just can't get the reason why they are so onto insert. Also even though TP line is milled, it doesn't have a premium feel like a Scottie or a Toulon Design. I feel like if they willing to mill the putter face with their insert tech, it might be one heck of a putter that will get TM fans buying.
  7. It's probably because a quarter of the money is going to all the TM staff players' pockets. That's also probably why they can't afford to build milled putters
  8. Not sure about the 3D design but they do look fancy to me. I am using SIK putter so I am quite familiar with the DLT tech and it does give you a more consistent roll. I feel like with this lower price range, cobra is able to let a lot more people to get a taste of the DLT without cutting a hole in their wallet is quite a good idea, and the 3D design is a nice cherry on top.
  9. Well, I messed with both grips before and what I found is claw typically are held at a more upright lie angle for me, whereas left hand low can have the putter head stay flatter. So, I guess this is why you would feel you need an extra inch for your claw.
  10. Yeah, the fact that some putters have their sightline and the sweet spot not matching up is really heart wrenching. Mine does not which makes me so mad that I duct taped my sightline. Also, those mallet putters that have sightline across the entire putter is something I cannot stand. I can't aim with these lines.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I post this simply because I am curious about this subject. I love my current putter and the feel is superb so I won't touch my putter settings (except I may change my shaft for better consistency). The fact that the putter design forced the sweet spot to be not in the center of the face is shocking to me, as the advice of hitting the center of the face is being taught by almost every coach and pro players, yet center of the face is not even the sweet spot. It's disappointing to say the least.
  12. I just came a across a video about Miura and his factory in Japan, during the video he said that every irons' sweet spot is not perfectly located at the center of the club face, rather slightly at the heel side. The reason behind that is because every iron is heel shafted and therefore the center of the mass will inevitable get closer towards heel side. This got me thinking, what about every single putter that has toe hang or heel shafted? Are all of these putters then having their sweet spot located slightly towards heel side? Then I decided to have a bit of test, I use this to spray on my putter face and then hit balls with the putter to see where the strike location is when I feel I hit the sweet spot. And this is the result (red line indicate center of the putter) I would say I am fairly consistent on my putting strikes and the above result is me hitting the sweet spot for three times in a row, and the point did not change a bit, and it is clearly slightly towards heel side. Although the test is not very scientific, and merely for my own curiosity, but still, it shows that putter with toe hang does have their sweet spot slightly towards heel side. So is there a way to have the putter's sweet spot move to the center of the face without changing the putter's toe hang?
  13. 6'2", using 35.5". I used to game 35" a few years back and my starting line is always right. Then I tried a 37" putter for a while, which went "well". And later I just found out that it's not solely on the length, it's about lie angle, because with a putter around 35" I can aim my putter well and not losing control, but because of the standard 70 degree lie angle my starting line is always off. Although the 37" putter has the correct lie angle, the length makes the putter head way to heavy and head is all over the place and my stance is off by a mile. So now I just have my putter bend to 74 with a 35.5" putter and it works very well.
  14. I used to have standard 70 degree lie, and my starting line is always right. Now I got fitted and have my putter bend to 74 and sinking every putt. It's my personal experience but it is very true that putter's lie angle is important. I don't know if it is truly because lie angle changed my face angle, but I do know that my aim is much better. So maybe consider this as changing your top-down view of the putter and that will help you aim you starting line better.
  15. Also, because sik's head is quite heavy and My playing length is long (35.5"), it is possible to feel "wobbly", especially on mishits. I understand it won't make a HUGE difference, possibly very subtle. Still, it is worth trying out.
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