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  1. Great to see you back as well! Happy to see those numbers still in the 120s and I can imagine some big jumps coming after the bulking period. Mobility is so damn important but god can it be tedious, gotta grin and bare it especially for those extra few yards.
  2. Happy to hear the numbers have gone up and stabilized for you and 110 is great for anyone! Gotta love the hunt for a magic stick, I've chased that dream so many times and there can be heartbreak along the way but man oh man when you find the one that works, especially if it comes with anti-left technology, LOL. 115 here we come!
  3. Thanks for the order and the kinds words. Was really glad we were able to work out the order on both sides. Awesome work on the first session speed gains! Can't wait to see where you're at in the coming weeks.
  4. Thanks for the order and I'm still dumbfounded by some of the shipping issues. There are times they truly make no sense but I'm glad it finally arrived and look forward to hearing how you're getting along with the speed training. Thanks again!
  5. Great to see you back bombing the ball! It is always so hard to stay patient with an injury but I'm very happy for you that you're able to start up again. 120 is no joke no matter what you've got going on swing wise so I'm sure once you knock the rust off and have your body back to 100% you'll be striping it again. Looking forward to the updates!
  6. Last minute decision to do a 3 day sale for Memorial Day. Coupon Code - MEMDAY21 Thank you to all who have served and we will always remember those that have passed serving this country (and others too). Mem Day Sale.mp4
  7. Thanks very much for your order! You can measure speed however you want but I like to see the changes across the board. At the very least you'll want to do it with your club so you can track your progression over time. I believe you're right about the PRGR (SSR definitely works without a ball). Never used a swing caddy so but I believe you're right on that too, ball only. If you snag that obviously you'll just be tracking club speed changes which is fine, just make sure you have a consistent setup with whatever radar you choose as that will help eliminate a big variable for you.
  8. Thanks for the continued updates... Speed declines after heavy weight sessions aren't uncommon. There's only so much the body can do at max effort each day so I'm not shocked by that at all. You're still firing that club with impressive speed! It's very very common for the different radars to show different speeds. They each measure in different ways and there is a hell of a lot of difference in tech between $100 and $25,000, LOL. As long as you are tracking you numbers consistently with whichever machine you're using you should be good to go. Only do the drills you are
  9. PGA Championship Special is now LIVE on MaxSwingSpeed
  10. There are standard and advanced training programs available on the website and I finally have all the data compiled to finish a "quick start" protocol which I am working on getting online as we "speak" As for number of MPH you'll gain in how many days, nothing is set in stone as it's different for every person. In the recent test I did there was a range of speed increases from 3mph to 18mph in 1 month. As for the original training programs the average speed increase was 10mph with my personal gain of 22mph. I can say that no one I tested lost or stayed at the speed the
  11. Hey there, sorry you've had the weights stick together. As for loosening them, you can try a few things before breaking out the pliers. You can try some WD40 to see if that will slicken up the threads. The one thing that worked for me during testing (didn't work for another member here but it's worth a shot) is to throw the weights in the freezer for a couple of hours (if not overnight). The aluminum should shrink a bit and allow you to unscrew them. If you're still having issues shoot me a message directly and we'll see what we can do. I'm don't have a PRGR myself but I would thin
  12. It's a bit of a dealers choice situation so you can do what feels best for you because either way will work. For a bit of time saving I always do each of the different swings/stances at each weight setting.
  13. Hey Newbie, In my best attempt to not sound like a shill I would comfortably say you can definitely train for speed (assuming you are healthy enough and have basic fundamentals down like grip, consistent stance, balance on your follow through) before developing an "acceptable" swing, for a few reasons. 1. What's acceptable? I'm goofy tall with a flat swing and some early extension at times but can happily scurry around the course and shoot good numbers, but an instructor might want a different look and jack me up to no end. 2. Weighted swings and focusing on
  14. As long as you are using the same radar during your training sessions you should be able to track your progress even if the numbers aren't perfectly accurate compared to stepping into a 25 thousand dollar trackman. I have notes tracking my speed using the Speed Sensor Radar, an indoor Trackman, and outdoor Trackman and even the simulator at the local Golf Galaxy. They are all a bit different but the changes in speed are easily trackable between machines being used.
  15. I haven't used the PRGR yet but trilerian is correct that it's a common issue with many radars out there. It's also one of the reasons why at times some golfers swing speed will be so different with or without a ball. Sometimes it's faster, a lot of times it's slower because there's a ball to "hit". What I do when using it myself or showing people the trainer/radar in person is to use tees and/or alignment sticks to always be in the same position for every swing. Being consistent with your setup/positioning will help reduce variables and help track your speed consistently.
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