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  1. We can't all be monsters but 124 will probably get it done on at least 1 or 2 courses around the globe, LOL. The little tweaks you make along the way that prove useful are always so interesting. "Using the ground" or "squatting" can be such a key for gaining extra speed. I had a sequencing issue for a long time that caused horrific early extension but by swinging with all the weights on the trainer and keeping my right heel down as long as possible (Moe Norman style) I was able to fix the sequencing problem and simplify my whole move and in so doing pick up gobs of spee
  2. Really appreciate your patience with all of the delays. You and everyone I've dealt with on GolfWRX have been amazing and it's been a much better experience starting a company than I thought possible. Thanks again!
  3. Really happy to hear that it arrived quickly as you can see there have been some issues with some shipments. Please keep us updated on progress, I know we're all enjoying following along with people's progress. Thanks for the order!
  4. When I have a chance in the next week I'm going to work on compiling the speed tracking data from all of the prototype testers to better show how speed increases differ from person to person. I know it can be frustrating when the speed gains stall out for a bit and hopefully your back lets you progress safely. At the very least I'm happy to hear that the slide step is helping you feel a good weight transfer. Those guys on TV make it look so easy, LOL. Definitely keep up those weak side swings, they may be ugly but they'll pay dividends in a short while.
  5. Thanks very much for the order and it's on its way to you! Good luck with the training!
  6. Glad it arrived safely, the weather has been wreaking havoc on deliveries yet again. Happy to hear you are liking the design and build of the trainer and trust me, I worried about the weights too until I did lots of tests, LOL. Hopefully things warm up so you can really get cracking with the training program and the radar will definitely help with progress when you're stuck indoors. Thanks again!
  7. Thanks for giving my trainer a shot and I hope that once you've had a chance to use it and see speed and distance gains you'll be happy with your purchase. Also hope you'll share how things are progressing with everyone here and/or via Instagram as I know we've all been enjoying seeing how people are getting on with training. Thanks again!
  8. Thanks very much for your order! Looking forward to hearing how the speed training goes.
  9. Another quick update for anyone not following on Instagram. After reaching out to a female golf instructor I wanted to share her first post using the trainer. It's a great example of the slide step drill as well as showing off how anyone can use the same trainer to work on their game. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLXE522HBkL/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Thanks!
  10. Thanks for keeping us updated. There are times that the speed jumps take a couple of weeks to materialize. I have charts of my prototype testers that show some with more linear gains, others that flatlined for a while and then big jumps and others with peaks and valleys. It's hard to say how your body will react off the bat to a new training program but I am confident that you'll increase speed by the end. Also, glad you're still encourage with how your swing is feeling and you're not alone, I think we all hate the non dominant swings here
  11. Not sure the grounds crew would like it but maybe put some skates on for the lefty swing, might bring out some extra oomph I'm sure you know this but I'll mention it again for clarity. The non dominant swings are there mainly for balance, strength and flexibility that will lead to faster dominant side swings for sure. You will see the speed go up in both directions but there are days when I wouldn't even look at my lefty swing speed because I didn't like feeling that sad, LOL
  12. Just like with all training programs there is going to be that ebb and flow of how you feel and what the short term progress is like. It's that locked in speed down the line that you should really be excited about especially if 120 is where you've gotten to already. Donut or no donut and tired or rested I know a lot of people that would kill to sniff 120
  13. It's one thing to be dealing with a pandemic but when the weather starts acting up too you know the golf gods are angry. Hopefully the sun comes out soon and the courses open up so you can enjoy the new found speed. Definitely agree with your pro. I know from my own speed gains that my "stock" speed is faster than before and that my eyes closed scramble swing is even faster. It is something that I watched build over time and then settle in as my new standard. Keep it up!
  14. Can't believe I missed this post but you're right, I'll take the unintended consequences as long as they're helping people with their games If it goes the other way it is undoubtedly user error
  15. I have charts tracking the speed changes at each weight and with drivers and 6 irons of myself and testors I used before launching the product and I always talk about the speed gains they topped out at when hitting a ball. Inside a lot of before and after comparisons whether it was after one swing with each weight, one full training session or after each week. Occasionally you see speed dips as higher handicappers were doing the "hit at the ball" move as opposed to "swinging through" but the more they used the trainer the better their swings got and the better the spee
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