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  1. played a di-85 on my 910 hybrid fast forward gaming a ts3 with hy-75 the di is a different animal! im fine with my HY but the "DI" feel i miss!
  2. i believe you are correct, yr. 2013 was the last good yrs i think
  3. my last titleist was the 9075D with a TT eI-70 shaft!... gamed tourstage drivers, then TM... and the subtle look of the TS3 made me comeback! im not changing the head anytime soon. shaft maybe as there are too many options
  4. oh, thats good to know! i just dont see myself customizing bounce and lofts, grinds etc.. vokey's off rack should accomodate most of us but, custom is custom right! , i get it haha
  5. Anyone here gaming Tourstage Irons
  6. ebay is flooded with tourstage now. to me best forging out there!
  7. i've been a tourstage fan for years., MB's with NSpro 950 had the xblade 909 with modus which i sold as i dont practice as much and wanted a more forgivng club, i am now on a 709CB and took a while to get use to the bigger head but you will forget it as it is very forgiving compared to MB's. miura's i hae not tried , had a honma but sold right away as it didnt fit my eye on address.
  8. I Love my TS3... still getting used to it though, coming from an M1 gen2. have to say lower trajectory head and better sounding too typical titleist which is very rewarding in middle hits haha
  9. Hi all Been playing with this now. coming from BB-5, DI-6, GT-6... what a difference in stability and feel. i have not felt the "DI" kick just yet but lower flight compared to the DI and have to say, that TP is a shaft i can control, the DI i just have to be careful going at it or i will miss left!, with the TP i dont see it will ever happen which is good.(FYI, i've had the TP, 3 weeks now..) very good shaft
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