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  1. I used to have a set of irons that had a tour pro's initials on them. They were ground by Don White and started my obsession with his work. That being said I still did not play them that long because i did not like another person's initials on my clubs.
  2. These look so good. If they don't release I may have to go the National Custom Works route for a set. I love the way the hosel flows into the head. I had a set of Macgregor Don White grinds that I played for 8 yrs or so that I had the topline as thin as it could go so these seem perfect.
  3. I have a set of TaylorMade p760's 4-pw with Mitsubishi MMT 105S in good condition. Looking to get $775 $700 OBO shipped for them. They have normal marks from play still look great. 5-pw have BB&F ferrules on them 4 iron has a plain black ferrule. I have been trying some different grips so 7 iron has a NDMC grip and the 4 iron has a jumbomax ultralight small grip. The rest have golfpride z grip standard size. I bought these from another member here standard specs as far as I know.
  4. Just got a new Olson putter that came with a Gripmaster leather grip. It is bigger than what I am comfortable with. I am probably going to throw a blackout pistolini Cameron grip on it.
  5. These look even better than I thought they would. That price tag though ouch! I am assuming markup for JDM market but that means probably close to 3k for the US if they bring them here.
  6. I am with you on that. I would be the first person in line for these for sure. Without Ricky playing these on tour I doubt we see them. I wish though we could get a yes or no from Cobra so I can decide on some new blades.
  7. Not the ones that you and I want him to be playing... Still looks like the AMP's.
  8. I have the MMT 105S in a set of P760's. I came from Nippon Modus 120S and they seem to play very true to flex. The MMT's seem stiffer until you hit them and they are very smooth. I really only bought the set to try these shafts as they were a great deal. I can really go after them and they do not balloon like the Nippon's could at times. I hit a ton of balls and the MMT's help in reducing some of the stress to the body. I am looking to move to the P7MB's and only wish I could order these from TaylorMade instead of having to pull them apart. Great shafts.
  9. I can echo what Justin said about the Mitsubishi MMT's. I am the same age as you and have a ton of elbow and wrist pain. I love to practice and it had become a big issue so I looked at the MMT's after seeing the huge right up on the site. I bought a set of 760's with 105s MMT's on the site just for the shafts and they are probably the best shafts I have had in a set or irons. They are heavy enough for me to be able to play and the feel is amazing. The bonus is I am carrying the ball further and when I step on them no ballooning. Bad thing about them is nobody seems to have these as a custom o
  10. I had wanted a 009 for years before I finally decided to purchase one. It was cool and I putted well but the three years I had it only one person knew what it was or cared really. It was not made for me and that is what led me to get rid of it. The great thing about putters now is that there are so many elite craftsman like Logan Olson, Tyson Lamb, etc... that I know I can get something made for me that will be even more special than the 009 I sometimes regret selling.
  11. The experience so far has been great. I wanted a set to start the season so I would not have been able to make it down and then get them built in time so I did a phone fitting. We actually talked about some of what Rocco was doing during my fitting. I sent them my wedges to blueprint and we used that for a starting point. I can't speak highly enough about them and my wedges are not even done yet. Should have them in the next 3 weeks or so.
  12. Funny thing is I saw his WITB pics and I am playing the same irons but I had the black KBS $ Taper's in them. I was thinking of putting the Modus 120S which is my favorite shaft, in them and liked how the contrast (steel TI S400's) looked in Duval's bag so it sealed the deal.
  13. I have always thought Duval over the years has had one of the coolest bags.
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