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  1. I am putting my third set of shafts in the Rev's now. I love the look of these irons and coming from the King forged pro MB was a pretty smooth transition. I will say that the wear on these versus the non milled set (saw the bst set with 5,000 rounds) is very different. I practice a ton and my six iron face is pretty worn compared to most of the other clubs I have used. I am putting MMT 125 in them now and bending super flat to go with some swing changes. I did not pay anywhere near 2500 for them though and got them new. I think Cobra missed the boat on pricing these. $1500 would have sold them all day one probably.
  2. I just went Rogue ST triple diamond with the Fuji TR 6 X. Nice thing is I am already playing the Ventus Blue in my Epic Flash Triple Diamond so I can put old faithful back in if it does not work for me. Really excited to give it a go this season.
  3. I have been reading a bunch of Bradley Hughes instruction. He is a big fan of Hogan (as am I) and this philosophy is what he advocates as well. I have been working on his drills off and on for a year and have just started to move towards setting up my equipment this way. So far really only transitioned my woods to heavy and very stiff shafts. I love the freedom I have, in conjunction with the new swing, to just go for it knowing it probably won't go left.
  4. I think dispersion was tighter with the MMT. I thought I gained some distance with the MMT just because I could go after it and it did not balloon.
  5. Average carry distance for my 7 iron is 165. I am actually thinking of moving to 125S. I went back to steel shafts because I switched these from the p760's to the Cobra rev 33's and to get them to work I think they sanded the tips down and eventually they failed (6 iron head flew off). I think with the way my swing is heavy has always been best for me and moving to lighter steel was a terrible move. I am thinking of moving to the new Mizuno 221 w/mmt 125s this year. I practice so much and the graphite was really a game changer for me.
  6. Has anybody playing these had them bent yet? I have the Rev 33's and I need to bend them 2 degree's flat due to some swing changes. I have hit a ton of balls with mine (already switched shafts twice) so they have a good amount of wear on the face. I don't really care that much about a mark from bending but am a bit worried about the finish cracking up the hosel to where it might be super noticeable.
  7. I have put the RF proto's through the ringer when it comes to practice and they really are not super hard to hit. I just had a fitting yesterday and compared the Srixon ZX7's to the RF proto's. RF proto's dispersion was better got a touch better smash factor with the ZX7's. Carry was about five more yards on average though the ZX7's have 2 degrees less loft on the six iron. I will agree though I am beating up the finish on the face something fierce.
  8. It does and I can't really figure out where it came from. I always baby my clubs and these I have been very careful with.
  9. My rev33's seem to have done alright so far with the finish. I have not gotten to play a round with them but I have been practicing around 5 days a week hitting tons of balls (off mats) and so far so good. My 5 iron though has s ding toe side on the face that I don't know if it is a finish issue or not. I am extremely careful with all my clubs and have never seen anything like this. I thought about contacting Cobra to see if I could get a new 5 iron head but Bryan Laroche blueprinted these perfectly so I am not willing to rebuild one.
  10. I have TI S400's in my wedges now. I may end up putting MMT 125S in them but not sure.
  11. I have the RF proto's and the hitting area is the same as Cobra's last MB which I played prior. I believe the sole is also the same so not sure why he would not have confidence in the new sticks. I loved the King forged MB's. I felt even though they were small they were easy to hit and get good results. Sole was perfect for my swing. The RF proto's just have about the best shape I have seen in an iron. I think he is just really struggling with swing changes and it can be easier to switch clubs and maybe feel like he has more room for error. Plus his putting is not even close to what it once was.
  12. Just got them back today. Interesting note is that the Rev 33's are .370 parallel tip. It made putting the MMT's in a bit harder but Bryan Laroche did a great job with these. They look great and are at a nice D3 which is perfect.
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