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  1. Thanks - adding it to the list to take a look at. So options I want to see if I can get a proper look at now are: TM GAPR Mid/Hi Mizuno JPX fli hi Cleveland UHX Srixon ZU Would also like to try a 9 wood if I can find one with a suitable shaft. Love the look of my other half’s epic flash 9 wood. Tour Edge not easy to find the UK unfortunately
  2. Comfortable yes, although I wouldn’t say I seek out something with offset. Irons are z745 and they’re the most offset I’ve played or would consider in an iron, so I wouldn’t say I prefer a lot of offset. I think you’re onto something with not liking the fairway style head. Think I struggle with “how” to play a hybrid and not feeling like I can hit down on a fairway style head. Even though it’s ugly as sin, I think the g20 is the only hybrid I’ve put down and just automatically been able to play like an iron.
  3. Thanks for the response. 5 iron is around 190 so I’m looking for something in the 200-205 range. I was thinking that the fli hi at 20 and 39.25 might be too long, but your experience suggests maybe not. Did you try the 5 fli hi? Would be interesting to know what sort of distance that would give you.
  4. Curious what sort of distance you saw from the 4 fli hi compared to your 5 iron? My 5 iron is 26 degrees at 38 inches, so I’m thinking that the 5 fli hi at 22.5 and 38.5 might be a good 4 iron replacement for me, but not sure if there is some distance loss through higher flight and more spin.
  5. Thanks for the replies so far. I did try a big Bertha hybrid thinking it looked somewhat similar, but hated it. Mind you if I was looking at the g20 for the first time I’d hate that too. Don’t think I’ve ever put a hybrid down and liked the way it looks immediately. I think the only reason I like the g20 is from the positive memories I built up by hitting good shots with them. I liked the g20 because it gapped really well for me at the time. I was able to hit my 3 and 4 iron (i15s at the time) but the g20 gave me almost identical distance with more height and less drop
  6. Had a number of years without playing and have been trying a few options at the top end of my bag between 5 iron and 4 wood. I started playing with blades and generally always leaned towards more traditional looking clubs, preferring irons with limited offset, not too thick of a top line etc. I have always found it hard to love a hybrid, weirdly apart from the Ping G20. They’re ugly and far from traditional, but for some reason when I was playing previously I loved them and am struggling to find anything else I like. Not surprisingly it seems no-one makes an
  7. I would expect that most are going to hit a 19 hybrid significantly further than a 19.5 iron because the shaft in the hybrid will probably be at least an inch longer and the face will likely be a bit hotter. So I wouldn’t necessarily rule out carrying a hybrid of similar loft to your longest iron. A lot will depend on what you want to achieve, for example will you be looking to hit long shots into greens, or are you looking for a tee club. A 5 wood and 2 driving iron might go similar distances but will get there in very different ways. Worth thinking about the occasions you
  8. Thanks - did you go with a similar shaft in the fli hi as you iron shafts?
  9. Thanks for the responses so far. Not been able to find too much in the way of reviews, but the Mizuno jpx fli hi appeals to me as the 4i replacement. Looks like these are supposed to be more like for like replacements in terms of distance, so would expect that the 4 would probably give me the gap to my 5i that I want. I could also get it in the same modus 120 shaft as my irons.
  10. Out of the game for a few years so not very well informed when it comes to equipment post about 2015. Need some advice on putting together a bag for 2021. If I’m playing regularly enough later in the year I’ll go for a proper fitting and look at new clubs, but for now it’s the second hand market. This is what I have and am happy with at the moment: Driver - Original TM M2 - 265 carry Srixon z745 irons - 4-P Cleveland rtx 2 cb 50 Vokey sm5 54 and 58 Love the driver, irons and wedges but I need help filling the gap between irons and
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