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  1. Hey guys - I’m going to be in Savannah next month for a couple of days. Anyone have any public course recommendations? I’ll be playing by myself, so really just looking for a course where I can get 1-2 quick rounds in. In terms of conditions, anything halfway decent is fine! Just don’t want to go somewhere where the course is packed.
  2. Berkeley Hills may be a great option for you. I believe it’s in Duluth, so probably 20 minutes or so from Lilburn. You’d be in the Junior Executive group (30-39) so I believe it’s initiation of $2500 and dues of $350/month. I’ve heard it’s a great course.
  3. Hey guys - Troon has acquired Indigo Partners (formerly known as Billy Casper Golf). Therefore, Crooked Creek will now be part of the Troon network. Anyone know what to expect from an acquisition like this (higher dues, better conditions, etc?). I know Standard Club is part of Troon as well, so maybe someone from there can chime in. Thanks in advance!
  4. I’m touring the facilities and playing a round tomorrow so I’ll let you know!
  5. Hi all! First time poster here. I'm living in Dunwoody and looking to join a club in the area. 27 years old so I'll qualify for all of the younger membership deals. Criteria: 1) Golf (I don't really care too much about social/tennis/dinner, etc) 2) Friendliness of members/accessibility to the course (I'm a 12 handicap, GF is new to the sport). We aren't good players but we love to play, so would want to be somewhere with laid-back members and easyish to get a tee time (not overly crowded like public courses). 3) Doesn't need to be an A+ course, but somethin
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