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  1. I am also very interested in this and why (with all the options on the market) most guys still use them. As others have said, and based on my research, its comes down to 1) They ARE incredible shafts, 2) Feel, 3) Pros don't like to change. From personal experience, I played C-tapers 120 the past few years and while I had success with them there was just something they lacked feel wise. After switching to X100 recently, I can definitely see why they are the most popular shaft on tour. Even at 130 g and the X stiff, they are easier to hit than my old C-tapers.
  2. Awesome, thank you. Eric Cogorno has one similar to this. I realized I play my best when my backswing gets more vertical.
  3. Anyone have a link to a video of this? Or can someone explain how to do it? Thanks!
  4. Has anyone made this switch and what was your experience? I find the C-Tapers just a little too dull (thats the best way I can describe it). They lack "feel" to me. Even when I flush a shot I just dont get the feeling I am looking for. I like the low launch and low spin but how do they compare to the X100? Any feedback appreciated!
  5. I have tried it a bunch of times and it always made me super steep. Probably doing it wrong but it didn't work for me. Love Mike though, great communicator and has a lot of knowledge about the swing.
  6. Id like to start a discussion of the importance of keeping the club outside the hands on the takeaway. For me personally, I naturally take the club away slightly inside and have been able to play decent golf (typically shoot mid 80's). However, my best rounds have always been when I exaggerate the takeaway to keep the club outside my hands (think Brooks Koepka/Matt Wolff). Have there been players that do both well - yes, but the majority of the best players ever have had a great takeaway. Whats everyones thoughts as to why that is? Im also interested in the bio-mechanical reasons t
  7. I know the DG is heavier by 10 grams but has anyone played both and what were the results. Background - I was fit for the c-tapers (S-120) a year ago because of my fast transition and high spin. Ive since improved my swing a lot the c-tapers don't spin enough for me now. I also have a more moderate tempo. I am thinking of switching to the DG X100's.
  8. Anyone ever notice that when DJ forward presses before his takeaway he lifts the club up about an inch? Do any other guys do this?
  9. Other than Gary Woodland, I don't know too many who play the C-tapers. Any thoughts or reasons for that? Ive noticed the majority of tour players who play KBS use the Tour shaft.
  10. Other than Gary Woodland, I don't know too many who play the C-tapers. Any thoughts or reasons for that? Ive noticed the majority of tour players who play KBS use the Tour shaft.
  11. I was fitted into C-tapers (120) as I had high spin numbers and a fast transition. Ive played with them for about 4 months and I am still confused whether I love em or hate em. When I flush the shot, they are an incredible shaft. The feeling really is nice. Tight dispersion, low launch, low spin and plenty of distance. Any time I dont hit it clean, the shafts punish you. Hard vibration, tough to get into the air, etc. Curious what everyones thoughts are on the C-tapers? Love em or hate em? Side note - Ive noticed not too many guys on tour play the c-taper
  12. Thanks, Monte! ya, I’ve taken bits and pieces from his swing and tried to incorporate it into mine with some success. I definitely don’t restrict my hip turn. I’ve found his wrist actions the hardest to copy. Would you say your cast to 8 is similar to this? Or would at least help the average player get these feels ingrained.
  13. Monte - any other insights you can share about his swing? From what I see - hands in vertical backswing, not much depth, incredible wrist flexion, steep angle of attack but clears his hips like crazy to compensate.
  14. If one were to breakdown Brook's swing, what would be the main takeaways? Slow mo video here -
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