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  1. I’ve been playing for a few years and am completely self taught. I typically shoot in the low to mid 90’s but that can vary drastically depending what swing shows up that day. I’ve probably watched every different popular YouTube channel to get tips/techniques. Obviously I’d like to get lessons but with a career, wife and kids - I’m stretched thin. If you had to start over and rebuild your swing. Where would you start? Any certain instructor or videos? Thanks!
  2. I can confirm this DID NOT work today on the golf course. Haha. Back to the drawing board.
  3. I was watching some Porzak golf YouTube this morning and he’s giving a lesson about hand path on the downswing and how to avoid being steep. He mentions to the guy “from the top, try and hit the ball with the butt of the club”. This seems like such a good swing thought and after trying a few air swings in the house, it seems like it really shallows the club. Anyone ever heard of this?
  4. I have been playing X100’s for the past year and to be honest I think they are too much for me. I bought a set of barely used JPX 921 Forged and these were already on them. Im an athletic guy. 5’11, 160lbs and hit a 7i 170 yards. Not sure my clubhead speed. These shafts just feel too heavy and I have been inconsistent. Compared to when I played a lighter shaft (105 grams) which was honestly too light. Just looking for some recommendations! Thank you!
  5. Is the feeling that the left hand punching knuckles are facing the ball? Not the finger knuckles...
  6. I was watching his us open highlights the other day and his ballstriking is pretty incredible when he is playing well. I started thinking why he hasn’t won more events. That float load can be and gift and a curse.
  7. Ive done this about 10 times with 10 different youtube instructors LOL
  8. Ya I would agree with you lol. Content and what he teaches are very good but man he can talk too much.
  9. Ive tried everything. Every youtube instructor, every method, etc. looking for something that gave me consistency. The square to square swing by Sam Goulden is the only swing that works for me. No rolling, no wrist manipulations - just set impact and use body pivot back and through. Felt weird at first. I think alot of us are programmed that we need a big wrist hinge to hit the ball well. Once I got this swing to feel normal I am smashing the ball (7i - 170) with basically a very short backswing because thats all you need. The one tour player....well hes on the senior tour now....that swings this way is Steve Stricker. If you look at his consistency over the years, youll see why this method works for some people. I once heard "wristy business is risky business" haha. Anyway, just my 2 cents.
  10. I do it. More of a trigger for me. DJ, Rahm, Stricker…they all forward press.
  11. Ya milo is big on this as a way to build a foundation to swing better. Have seen him teach it a few times.
  12. I think Sam's version is different from what I have read.
  13. Ya probably pretty similar. I came across the Graves stuff a few years back and played pretty well with it. Forget why I stopped. Anyway, the feeling of not manipulating the hands/wrists feels weird at first but the compression I was getting was unlike anything else I have tried. Oddly enough my body rotated naturally and when on film looked great.
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