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  1. Thanks for the detailed suggestions. I will be doing some research over the holiday. Plans are pretty fluid right now. I was supposed to retire last spring but covid changed those plans. My business actually took off after the first month or so. I have people in place to take over but the last few months have been as busy as we have ever been. With kids grown I have the time and resources to go for as long as the trip is interesting. As I have recently returned to golf, new course styles / terrain and regional culture is what I want focus on. But I want to make sure the expe
  2. Need to do some research on Monterey. I lived just north of there near Half Moon Bay in the 70's but did not golf then. My son lives in Menlo Park area so could kill two birds with one stone. Saw a couple of threads on the RTJ trail in Alabama. Trying to find a website that may give a comprehensive way to organize a trip in this region - almost too many options from what I can see.
  3. Like many, I have returned to golf after 25 years due to Covid. With time on my hands, I have managed to get my Index down to 24.5. At 67, I do not hit long, so 6,000 yards is really my maximum course length to hope to play a decent round. Living in Massachusetts, I plan to pick a destination this winter to visit for an extended stay (3-6 weeks) where I can find a variety of courses to play that will be memorable but not too challenging for my skills. Hoping folks on this forum can suggest locations in the USA that would have a good selection of courses in a 50-75 mile radius that fit my cr
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