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  1. What is the stock front weight on the reg sim 2? I can only find the grams for the rear. Does anyone have the front screw weight? Thanks
  2. Playing Friday for first time with P770. Sky trak numbers are pretty much right where I would like them. 5 iron normal swing.
  3. Well Im the opposite. They look chunky when I look down on them especially the top line and feel heavy.
  4. First range session was solid. Ball went high and straight. Little baby fade which was nice to see over my familiar pull draw. Distance seemed good but hard to tell with range balls.
  5. I wish I would of upgraded to z cord. I don’t care for the feel of the stock z grips all that much. probably use them a year then change them out to the cord version
  6. I went down a degree in loft. Trying to lower my flight a little.
  7. Out for delivery 11/24. Should be the full 4-PW. Ordered 9/3.
  8. Nice! I’m super excited. I just played kiawah ocean course on Tuesday. Had to play old blades. 714MB with DG S300. I was hoping to get my new irons in time but that didn’t happen. Close...
  9. Just got a FedEx label notification. P770 shipping Monday with a Tuesday delivery. Ordered 9/3. 4-PW I added an approach wedge after my initial order. That is supposed to come around the new year.
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