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  1. This is what many people in this thread are missing. There are jacked up prices for clubs that are sold in the U.S. It's not an exclusivity thing or a JDM thing. It's been this way for a couple of years. I regularly follow the Bettinardi market so this is something I've been aware for a long time. It does not make sense. Usually when I do searches I limit it to U.S. sellers since I have no interest in wading though 1/3 of the Bettinardi listings being absurdly priced putters from Japanese sellers.
  2. It is the British Open to me and always will be. If Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson called it the British Open that's good enough for me. You can call it what you want and it won't offend me.
  3. Rory would probably rather play for the USA if he played at all.
  4. I don't know. But what I do know is that people in this thread are saying his spending 3 physical years at SMU means he didn't finish his degree. We don't know that.
  5. I realize most people posting in this thread took 7 years to finish their bachelor's degree (along with Tommy Callahan), but it is possible to graduate in 3. In fact, some people actually do that.
  6. I'm chuckling at the folks here sh****g on someone with a bachelor's degree like they are a village idiot. And I say that as someone with a doctorate.
  7. I agree Bryson should be sacked. He's paid to endorse their products. Saying their product "sucks" at a major championship is the opposite of an endorsement. And not having to work with that PITA any longer would be the icing on the cake for Cobra.
  8. And add Dustin Johnson who likes to snort coke and bang other players' wives. 1/4 of the Ryder Cup team is truly deplorable.
  9. Wait, Lanny Watkins got let go by CBS again? When did he get hired a second time?
  10. I guess Tucker needed to start his new business the night before the first round of a tournament where BDC was the defending champion, leaving BDC to use a Cobra rep as his caddie. Makes sense. Nothing to see here you haters. Part of the plan all along!
  11. Lucas' wife has to be pleased tonight.
  12. But did he yell, "Go Brooksie!"?
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