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  1. It's shame PutterTalk is defunct. I'd love to go over there and look at all the beautiful Byron Morgan putters that were made through the years.
  2. Same here. I'm heading to Arizona for Christmas to visit my parents and I'm going to take my DH-89 and leave the tour Scotty Cameron at home. I might make the change permanent. *the season is over where I live so I can't play with it this weekend.
  3. I was thinking of having him make another DH-89 for me. Now that will never happen...
  4. I am shocked and saddened. I bought 4 putters from him through the years and met him at his Huntington Beach shop in 2015. Wonderful guy.
  5. Hasn't testing showed that matte balls perform significantly worse in wet conditions with regard to spin vs. standard glossy balls? (as in they spin a lot less off wedges and irons)
  6. And Tiger haters are some of the unfunniest fans in all of sports.
  7. Feel free to drop the 5 iron. It's actually a 3 iron marked with a 5 on the bottom. You wouldn't hesitate to drop a 3 iron from a set.
  8. All brands not named Titleist. Titleist equipment is excellent across every line from ball to driver so there's no point wasting my time researching other brands. I also like that Titleist focuses their R&D on designing equipment for me--the better player--not the hackers. I own multiple 14 club Titleist setups that I keep at each of the exclusive country clubs I belong to.
  9. I always looked forward to coverage of the Australian tournaments around this time. There's no golf where I'm at right now due to weather and it was nice watching warm weather golf at night on the Golf Channel. But for reasons I cannot discuss, no Australian golf this year.
  10. Kessler did not get tossed just because of the Palmer incident. He got tossed because he was an A-hole. When your A-hole quotient exceeds your value quotient, you get tossed.
  11. If offset is what you're really concerned with, a good club guy can grind out offset from the leading edge of irons. He will need to add weight back with lead weights or lead tape to keep the swingweight consistent if that's what you desire. That said, it would be costly and not worth it in my opinion. Either live with offset or buy a more "players" type design.
  12. They delete negative comments on their site and social media and ban those leaving negative comments. Very Soviet-like. I am not a fan.
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