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  1. I always looked forward to coverage of the Australian tournaments around this time. There's no golf where I'm at right now due to weather and it was nice watching warm weather golf at night on the Golf Channel. But for reasons I cannot discuss, no Australian golf this year.
  2. Kessler did not get tossed just because of the Palmer incident. He got tossed because he was an A-hole. When your A-hole quotient exceeds your value quotient, you get tossed.
  3. If offset is what you're really concerned with, a good club guy can grind out offset from the leading edge of irons. He will need to add weight back with lead weights or lead tape to keep the swingweight consistent if that's what you desire. That said, it would be costly and not worth it in my opinion. Either live with offset or buy a more "players" type design.
  4. They delete negative comments on their site and social media and ban those leaving negative comments. Very Soviet-like. I am not a fan.
  5. It is not fake. That putter was originally designed for the Asian market but then was made available for touring pros to use.
  6. Why would we do that? Tiger doesn't pump the brakes...
  7. Anyone who would bet on Tiger not playing again or not winning again is a fool. I counted him out after his spinal fusion surgery. I will not make that mistake again.
  8. That was some interesting stuff. I read the article Tucker Booth did on Peter Kessler as well. I did not know Kessler was pothead. The guy was talented but also a complete megalomaniac. He must have been a nightmare to work with.
  9. If walking 18 was the impediment to Tiger playing again, maybe he could hire a hulking dude as his caddy and ride piggyback from tee to green.
  10. Stop looking at the number on the sole of the irons and have a set built with the lofts and lengths that work for you to cover the distances you need. You don't have to bend anything.
  11. I don't know about about Jordan's future in the majors. Jack Nicklaus didn't win one major after he had children. He won 18.
  12. Anyone got any word on whether there's some new and sexy irons coming out in 1971? I don't want to pull the trigger on a 1970 model if something is coming out to replace it.
  13. The top 2 are American and the top Euro (#3 Rahm) dropped out. Seems about right for 2021 for European golf.
  14. Nope. I'm not sure why you have animosity toward me. I have none for you. These are my opinions. You're entitled to yours as well.
  15. I would like to see evidence of that.
  16. There was no question put to me. But I do appreciate the nod to Karsten Solheim, who was a golf visionary and has contributed a ton more value to golf than Dave Pelz.
  17. Dave Pelz is often full of garbage. Encouraging people to use a 64 degree wedge is one such example. Teaching that putters can swing straight back and straight through is another. His "Putting Bible" is 416 pages long and the only useful information he imparts is "play more break."
  18. If posting these scores is "acceptable" then the handicap rules are a joke. And they are--which is why I never risk my money based on handicapped competitions.
  19. I've followed MPF since 2002ish. I think it has value but it is flawed as well. I don't have problems getting the ball airborne so the value they put on vertical COG is not as important to me. So I pay more attention to MOI. That said I will avoid a club with a really high vertical COG. In a perfect world people can test all the gear out there in real life conditions and choose what works best. But virtually no one has that luxury. As a result, I would use MPF (or the components of MPF) to steer a beginner toward or away from certain sets. The Nike example the OP gave it one I would avoid due to the really high vertical COG.
  20. Ok, then why was that funny to you? They are not a component company. They send people complete golf clubs.
  21. Why would Cameron install someone else's shaft? Did you seriously think they would do that?
  22. I like it. Old school! Definitely not for the classless flat brim, joggers wearing crowd.
  23. True. But Ricky Bobby, Inc. owns the trademark.
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