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  1. Any guidance on dues? Nice facilities? Practice Area? Range? What's the membership like? A decent amount of under 40's members?
  2. Does anyone have any insight in River Forest CC? Is it nice? What's the course like? Does anyone have any guidance on the cost?
  3. I'm a commercial insurance broker and will be working in the loop when things go back to normal. Right now I'm fully remote and even when we go back, I don't think I'll ever be in the office five days a week again. Don't necessarily need the club for business purposes and my personal enjoyment is certainly the priority. I'm hoping that whichever club I join will be a good place for me to meet new friends, as all of mine will be back in NJ. My wife "golfs" in the sense that she has a set of clubs and likes getting out there and playing a few times a year. I wouldn't consider her a g
  4. So I actually know Crystal Tree pretty well, as my father in law was a member there and I've played it a few times. The course is a bit too gimicky for me and the course just feels too "new" to me (if that makes sense). As far as Flossmoor goes, I've heard really good things, but it's still kind of a hike from La Grange. If I'm going to drive that far, I would probably just try to join Olympia Fields. Edgewood seems to be "the leader in the club house" for me, but is at the top end of my budget and seems to already have a full membership. The junior membership is still open (which
  5. Quick update for everyone. Looks like I'll officially be in La Grange and am thinking about focusing my energy on Edgewood Valley, Beverly and Glen Oaks. I know that Edgewood and Glen Oaks are really nice all around family clubs. But what is Beverly like? Is it just a golf club or are there things for my wife and son as well?
  6. This is all helpful feedback. Do you guys have any insight on initiation/dues at the aforementioned places? Specifically Beverly, Olympia and Ruth Lake? Any quirky rules like caddie only clubs or clubs you're not allowed to walk?
  7. I'm moving to the Chicagoland area as my wife is from there and am interested in finding a club that fits what I'm looking for. I know that it really depends on where we'll be living, so we're looking in the La Grange, Western Springs area, maybe Oak Park as well. I'm from NJ and grew up playing a lot of Seth Raynor/Charles Banks courses (Essex Country CC, Rock Spring GC and Francis Byrne). I really enjoy that style and am interested in where that exists in Chicagoland. I'm 33 at the moment, so I can probably take advantage of a Executive Junior membership at some places for at least few years
  8. Hi All, I currently live in NJ with my wife and son, but am thinking about moving to somewhere Palm Beach County, FL. I don’t know an overwhelming amount about the area, but have been researching it for some time. So any foresight into living there is welcome. I’d like to join a club down there and would even live in one of the communities if it made sense. Here are some things we’re looking for: - younger membership - a course I could play everyday and not get bored - nothing wildly outdated. I like both modern and classic, but don’t want somethin
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