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  1. I said this in another recent thread: talk to your fitter about how going longer will impact swing weight and shaft flex. I was fit using a 1" stiff flex but we built it at 2" stiff. When I got them, the shaft was wicked wobbly and the club felt heavy. I have since reduced it to just 1" beyond stock and it's made a huge difference. If going 1" or longer, I'd consider maybe going with a more stiff shaft to compensate.
  2. I would LOVE for this with the D in that 50 and 52 range. I found the sole more all-around on my current and prior mack daddy line than the F-grind so I've stayed there but would definitely entertain D-Grind in 50 or 52 in the future. I wonder if SM9 (or whatever name) would offer from 50 and up in F, D, M, and S.
  3. Just wanted to update as I got to hit my clubs yesterday. My P770s were 2+ over stock with stock lie and I got to hit about twenty balls with each of my irons. To be honest, the weight didn't bother me much until I hit my 7 iron to an extent--definitely when I hit the 5; but I think that is a combination of weight AND shaft flex. For context, I have the stock KBS 120g Stiff. I think if I were to keep 2+ then I should have gone extra stiff and/or a lighter weighted shaft, maybe 105g or lighter--or a totally different shaft in general. My shaft felt like a regular or maybe wh
  4. I think the general advice you'll get is if you are only using it for full-ish swings then stay in the iron set rather than specialty for whatever added forgiveness there may be; plus the shaft will stay consistent. Once you start getting to specialty shots then I'd consider going specialty wedge. Mine is 52* and that does 90% of my stuff inside 120 while saving my 56* for bunkers, crap lies, etc. If you have too many wedges then you might have a decision complex. I'd go with the AW and bend it down 1 degree if needed for gapping if you won't use it much green-side.
  5. Did you ever play with reducing the length versus adding weight to the grip end to adjust swing weight? I know I'm ahead of myself but I'm waiting on some clubs to come in that are 2 inches beyond stock, flat lie. I was reading some other threads that most tall guys are only going .25-.5 or maybe one inch above standard and will just adjust the lie angle up instead of going up towards 2 inches. I'll report back on this thread my reaction after I get my clubs in a few weeks how they feel but I'm interested in your thoughts.
  6. Has anyone had an issue with getting fit for longer shafts but them feeling too heavy or shaft too flimsy? I'm waiting for some new P770s coming in and they are my first ever fit set. I was fit for 2+ inches at stock lies with stiff shaft (6'6" and I think my wrist to floor was about 36). I'm wondering if that stiff shaft is going to feel weakened as many here are quoting going only .5 or 1 inch beyond stock and just adjusting the lie angle. Anyone experience getting fit too long and then cutting it down due to weight or shaft flex?
  7. Marvik Pro reminded me feel wise to be more like P790 that I tried; and looked more like P790 than P770. I ended up going with P770 based on feel and performance in the fit. Be mindful that the Mavrik Pro is pretty strong so you'll probably hit it further so know the loft differences of all the clubs if you hit more than just the seven iron.
  8. Thank you for all of the input; this is great info. I realize I've been too narrowminded when it came to its use. The courses I frequent don't really have major obstacles in the fairway so I didn't really think of it as a tool on the tee box--just approach--so this really opened my mind and I'm glad I asked. I'm sort of a range junky so what @Cheesehead42said about using it on the range makes a lot of sense.
  9. I only play 10-15 rounds a year. At least half of those are with friends whom have a rangefinder or GPS-type watch device where if our balls are near each other I may ask for the yardage but even then it's maybe five-to-ten shots per round I ask; I usually get along just fine with spotting out markers in the fairway or walking away from sprinkler heads that are marked so when I don't play with them I don't feel like I'm losing a lot. A rangefinder may say I'm 166 yards from the pin and if I think I'm "about 160" then I'm ok with that (I should note, I also play a half set so I'm often hittin
  10. I was last fitted a few years ago and my top two were the prior generation 770 and 919 forged. I was really torn between the two and didn't want to make a decision that day with that store. A week later, I broke my ankle so I'm just returning back to the game to be fit into irons. I just went this past weekend and preferred the 770 over anything I hit. It felt the best; looked the best; on toe-y 7-iron hits it stayed on a pretty decent line and only lost a couple of yards--overall, I loved it and purchased it. The other kicker is that I am really steep. I know no
  11. Just got fit for P770. Have to get custom spec so they will be coming from the facility. Ordered 11/21. Expected to ship from TaylorMade on 12/28. I hope to have them by March... If anyone cares about 790 as some are looking at blending two or more in the 700 series: I was building a half set with 5 iron being my longest iron. If 700 series was right for me I assumed that I would've gone 790 in the 5 iron and 770 in the rest but I didn't find any difference in dispersion between the two--and for a few degrees in loft difference I was only hitting the 790 a couple of yards long
  12. Long time follower of this forum but just set up an account so I could comment on this thread. I'm thirty and have played the same set of irons since I was twelve (yes, for about the last fifteen years my clubs have been too small for me, being now 6'6"). My initial set came with thirteen clubs including the putter and I purposefully even since my teenage years started to dwindle that down to nine. I ditched the crappy driver and woods, hit my 3 iron off tees, and only ever since invested in off-the-rack wedges and new putters. I found a lot of clubs crowded within the same yardage, I ten
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