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  1. Solid gamer here if I had the cash it would be mine
  2. Can’t stand callaway clubs either (with the exception of odyssey)
  3. Looking for the G425 2H, head only or with X stuff shaft. LMK! Thanks!
  4. Yeah I would definitely get in contact with customer service.
  5. My buddy’s wife played high school golf, us a 12 handicap and always beats him. Pretty cool to watch honestly
  6. Well, obviously wasn’t “forced” to do anything. Titliest warranty program allowed me to pay to get head only for cheaper than retail, so that’s what I did.
  7. I just caved the face in on my 818 H2 17 degree (that plays as my 3 wood- perfect balance of tee and fairway) and was forced to buy a TSI3. Not nearly the same. I miss the H2 terribly and would get rid of this TSi3 in a heartbeat.
  8. Hey man, not sure if your still looking. trono 65X launched the ball About 4.5 degree higher than the Diamana. Diamana spun on average about 450rpms less than the trono. as far as feel, trono feels stable but definitely can feel the butt load Diamana felt stiff throughout the whole profile for me, couldn’t really feel much loading per say.
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