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  1. This is the most accurate take here. It’s the Indian not the arrow.
  2. I have never done this nor I have seen anyone in real life do this
  3. Just saw this post- following so jealous about this. I’m about 30 years away from my own adventure.
  4. Hey man, chiming in because I live in Savannah. I love this area (originally from the northeast). There is a lot to do and there is a nice balance of people in the surrounding area (blue collar, white collar, artsy, etc). weather in the summer is definitely sticky, I play year round. The heat doesn’t bother me as long as I tee off first thing. If I play in the afternoon during the summer it’s usually only 9 holes or so because it gets pretty hot. as far as hurricanes, we have had 3 in the last 7 years. I only had to evacuate for 1 of the 3. Prior to that, we only had 1 in the last 20 years. Hurricanes don’t really bother me or concern me like I thought they would before moving here. the landings in my opinion is the premier club to join if you are retiring. Lots of variety in what you can do, and great golf. We met a couple during the last KF tour event, the husband is a golf course rater for GD, and chose to retire to the landings due to the variety and quality of the golf. if we stay here forever, that’s where I’ll be, too.
  5. 18 months ago I was a 14.2 handicap. I played high school golf fairly competitively (@6.2 HC) so I’ve always been “decent” at the game. However, due to my natural swing flaws (OTT, EE), I’ve never been a great player, and, my best golf is usually when I’m playing 5+ times a week. my wife bought me Arccos as an anniversary present. Once I got enough scores in the app I, fairly easily, improved from 14.2 to 11.2 just through understanding how far I actually hit the ball and swapping some clubs around for better gapping. I improved from an 11.2 to ~10.0 after listening to a number of golf podcasts around managing expectations. One key, is simply hitting the green from 150yds is actually a GOOD shot, where as before I would get sorta bummed if I didn’t stick it close. more recently I have gone from ~10 to 8.7, and my focus has been strictly on 30-100 yard shots, developing a solid system that I can rely on and practicing those shots when I do have time to practice vs. hitting longer clubs. I’ve improved my GIR% through this journey from ~44% with PW, GW, SW, LW to 68% over the last 10 rounds. Hitting the ball off the tee to a position where I have a shot at the green, and aiming at the center of the green has been key for me.
  6. I play balls I find off the tee on par 4’s/5’s then drop my preferred playing ball (Srixon Z star XV’s) to play the rest of the hole. the reasoning is because I lose ~3 balls per round, and, I don’t like losing a $4 ball because I’m an average player. If I play for money, I ask my partner(s) if they mind that I do this. If they mind, I don’t do it. I don’t do this when I play in tournaments or club events, though.
  7. You didn’t go to Maine maritime by any chance did you?
  8. Can’t stand callaway clubs either (with the exception of odyssey)
  9. Yeah I would definitely get in contact with customer service.
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