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  1. Just got to Ceour Dalene for my sons baseball tournament in Spokane. Have the next couple afternoons off, the wife and I were thinking about checking it out. Wondering if they allow your club to call down and make a tee time for you? Or if any wrx members that belong to Gozzer want to play a round this weekend. Looks like a stunning course.
  2. Let’s settle on MB. High prices don’t necessarily bother me. Like I said, I rarely get to take my son on vacation so I don’t really worry about saving, just want to get the most out of our time. You are right about avoiding cheap golf courses. We’re coming from Pinehurst so It should be comparable in quality. Please, tell me more about golf course condo options. I’m not familiar with this route.
  3. He is a teenager you’re right. Keep the ideas coming, really would like to make an educated decision here as I don’t get many pppurtunities to take my son on vacation.
  4. Where would you suggest to stay
  5. Taking my son on a trip early august. We start in Pinehurst for at least a few days but then trying to decide what kind of adventure to go on from there. We’ve both been to Pinehurst a couple times so trying to get adventurous. Thinking about heading down to Myrtle Beach or Hilton head. Looking for a golf resort, or golf getaway, along with beaches and whoever knows what else. Looking for ideas
  6. I ended up with the MP20’s. Since owning them have dropped 4 strokes off my handicap. So much better feel, workability and consistency. I will not be going back to Titeleist after the feel of these MP20’s. I could not be happier with the decision I made. And everyone saying if you’re coming out of an ap3 you should not go with blades, I’m sorry, you’re wrong. If anything, blades cause your ball striking to improve. Not because the club is easier to hit, on the contrary. Because it forces you to improve. You can tell the difference between a good strike and a bad strike. That feedback might be the best teacher. I’m a 7.4 handicap now and have much more control with the MP20’s than I ever did with the ap3’s and I’ve improved at a greater rate. Prior to buying the MP20’s I was an 11.4. I am never going to be that guy discouraging others from playing blades because they’re too hard. Gtfoh with that, I don’t agree.
  7. So I’ve gone through quite a time of reviewing previous posts looking for answers and finally exhausted myself. I know I read on here at one time somebody had suggested a site or a group that does Scotland golf packages but I can’t find it now. I’ve looked into the experience. Is there any other good ones anyone can recommend? Looking to possibly make a trip there this summer me and the wife if I can find the right package. Not too worried about price, more about the overall experience. Preferably 10-15 days, golf and other stuff blended in, castles, site seeing, etc. and TOC is a must. Would like to fit Royal Dornoch in there though understand there’s some travel involved. Help, need a travel agent!! Recommendations needed!!
  8. They should know. That’s poor training.
  9. I was well prepared for the iron headcover smack talk I was gonna take, so way to be predictable I just bought brand new MP20’s and want to keep them in great shape. I’ve beat up every iron set I’ve ever owned, to an embarrassing degree (those wire bristle brushes on iron finishes are like using an eraser on wet paper). So I’m not feeling the slight bit insecure about the iron headcovers. The MP20’s are by far the most beautiful and playable iron I’ve ever owned. That being said, the worst thing a cart kid could ask is “you want them cleaned or are you ok”. To me that’s poor training. The real golf resorts/courses don’t even ask. They don’t give you the option they just do it. Tip or no tip. The second tier ones ask if you want them cleaned. The low class wannabe resorts give you two options. The munis have a cart return area. Either clean the clubs or don’t. Too busy sucking up to the assistant pro and yawning to actually do what you were hired to do. I dunno, that’s how I see it.
  10. Played 3 rounds at gamble sands over the weekend. Do not understand what the hype is. Greens are in TERRIBLE shape. There was a fire there last year so lots of burned areas outside the course recovering. Not sure if any effect on the course itself. Must be the time of year because these were the slowest greens I’ve ever played on in my life. Bumpy as all get out. Hard, bumpy greens are not a good thing. I doubt I’ll be back to Gamble Sands anytime soon. The kid cleaning the carts up when I pulled up says “you want us to clean your clubs, or you good?” Thats about the worst thing you could ask if you want to focus on service. Just clean them dude, or don’t if you don’t want to. But if you clean them, I’m gonna give ya a tip. But when I find out later you didn’t even pull the head covers off the irons I’m gonna be pissed. Gamble Sands is a wannabe resort that’s really easy and not worth the drive.
  11. Played Bandon Dunes today. Conditions are immaculate. Couple greens sanded and aerated. Like 17 and 13. They only do a couple at a time. Greens are awesome shape though. Really speedy today, especially in the afternoon, after the wind and sun was on it all day. Hard greens. Ball wouldn’t even leave a pitch mark. This is the best shape I’ve ever seen Bandon.
  12. I thought that was DWMP guys only. I didn’t realize WRX’s don’t putt. Forgive me for putting this pathetic display of humanism in the view of such greatness.
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