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  1. Well, if we don’t finish I’ll know who to blame Must be that fricken 11:50 time holding everything up Man what a beautiful day
  2. Dunno. I just don’t play in the rain. That is, untill I found Bandon Dunes last year. Now it gloves off,loll
  3. Do they sell those FJ rain gloves anywhere at Bandon dunes? Slight chance of rain here in the morning and after reading your write up, I’m concerned I don’t have any of those gloves and not sure if I’ll be able to get them here. Ideas??
  4. The wife and I arrived late evening. We are playing the Trails tomorrow too, tee off I think at 12:30. Kinda bummed to hear about the greens and fog but dude seriously, how much better can I expect it. Weather is supposed to hold out, I extended all the way into Wednesday. Think we’ll get every course in, including the Preserve. Drove 7 and a half hours from other side of Seattle to get here tonight.
  5. Forced me to go look up “daft”
  6. I’m not jumping up and down about it. I’m just saying it wouldn’t be the first time they’ve added bunkers post-opening. It was an idea that interested me, that’s all. No need to rebuke
  7. So you’re saying if they added bunkers to SR the rating would go DOWN.
  8. Chambers is in top 3 in the state that I’ve played, but I’ve never played GS. I’ve played quite a few times at Chambers Bay. It’s hard to beat in the winter/fall months as it drains wonderfully and is always in great shape. It’s ultra unfortunate the PGA left here so sour. Would love to see another PGA event there.
  9. I take it you prefer OLd Mac to PAC Dunes?? That makes me feel a little better. I have yet to read a glowing report of Sheep Ranch, and the videos were unimpressive. Here’s an interesting thought though. When I was on hold I heard the guy talking about installing bunkers on a course after the fact, and Kizer asked him how he knew where to put the bunkers and he said “that’s easy, I put them where all the divots are”. That got me to thinking that at some point, they may decide to put in bunkers on sheep ranch to bring up the appeal. Which I think would add to the course.
  10. I called in today and got a 12:30 tee time for Saturday on BT. I’m not sure if I’ll finish, they were very clear to let me know it’s not in the guaranteed finish window and wouldn’t waver from that even for conversation sake. I’m not familiar enough with the course to know if I’ll get done or not
  11. How does Gamble Sands compare to Chambers Bay? Was thinking GS was a must play this summer but not a glowing review.
  12. I’m in the minority here, and granted I’m not an Idaho native, but have spent some amount of time playing golf there. I much much prefer the resort course to circling raven. I spent some time there this summer and played both, and was extremely unimpressed by circling raven. I would however, highly stress Palouse Ridge as the best in region. It’s a great track and ranks high on my all time favorite list. I once didn’t leave Pullman for 4 days longer just so I could play a few more rounds there. Pissed work off something fierce
  13. I’m getting the feeling Sheep Ranch is pretty good? From the videos it doesn’t look as awesome as the rest of the course. And everything I’ve read in here so far is “if Sheep Ranch becomes as good as the rest” hasn’t given me a ton of confidence that it’s the best course to play that is offered at Bandon. Please, tell me otherwise.
  14. Wondering now after watching some you tube videos of sheep ranch if I shouldn’t try to switch back to PAC Dunes. Seems like it might be the wrong time of year to play 15 holes along the ocean. Thoughts?? I haven’t played Bandon enough to know for sure but makes sense.
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