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  1. appreciate everyone's advice. Unfortunately, with covid in my state (MN) getting a fitting right now is nearly impossible. With the discount I received on the Mavrik I figure the resale value will surpass my purchase price, so if I end up going a different route once I get fitted I won't feel 'stuck' with the club. FWIW, I did use the PING online fitting process to get a rough idea. Thanks for the warm welcome.
  2. Sound advice here, guys, thanks. I impulsively pulled the trigger on a mavrik max last night from CPO for $230. With such a significant discount i decided I'm comfortable with sacrificing shipping fees if It doesn't work for me. I couldn't believe the price? Really curious what everyone thinks about the TS2. Is this suitable for mid-high handicap? One thing I've learned thus far is information across different club reviews varies significantly!
  3. That's what I'm worried about. Would you say using an adjustable weighted driver and shifting all weight to the heel is equivalent to driver with built in draw-bias?
  4. I'm not necessarily adding strokes using a driver, as I typically stay ib just left of the fairway. The majority of my shots are taken on the green
  5. Very useful thread! I'm seeing quite a few comments about the SIM being fade biased. Would you guys recommend the SIM MAX -D over the SIM for someone struggling with a slice due to an over the top swing? I know I need to correct my swing path, but just looking to find as many fairways I can while doing so. Thanks!
  6. Hey all, As the title states, I'm "new" to the world of golf. I played a handful of times throughout my childhood, but never owned my own pair of clubs. At the beginning of the pandemic I purchased a cheap pair of clubs off amazon (strata) and immediately fell in love with the game. I played roughly 40 rounds this season and was able to bring my handicap down to 17. I'm fairly confident with my mid and short game, but I struggle with a slice due to an over the top swing off the tee. Which is why I decided the first piece of equipment I'd like to upgrade is my driver - and the sales
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