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  1. Forget it Jake...it's WRXtown
  2. I am sure all the Tour players in the world are just waiting breathlessly on your advice. We all know how that goes.
  3. LOL. I didn't make the comparison in the first place. Please quote me where I said BK or DJ played better.
  4. Yes slope ratings are based on bogey golfers but any course with a slope 20 points higher is going to be more difficult for any level player. Besides, I didn't start the comparison between BK and DJ wins. That would be the guy I quoted above who said DJ "played better" and would have beat BK by 5 strokes. TPC is rated 73.7, Royal Greens 73.1, so 2.4 strokes harder over 72 holes. So saying 15 under on the easier course is playing better than 19 under on a tougher course is ludicrous.
  5. TPC slope rating 140 Royal Greens slope rating 123 BK 19 under on a 140 slope course DJ 15 under on a 123 slope course This is not hard to understand.
  6. LOL. BK shoots 4 rounds in the 60s going 5 under on final 6 holes for a closing 65. What an underachiever.
  7. Not sore at all. Just comparing a double Masters winner with 12 PGA Tour victories to an internet nobody.
  8. How much airtime does your bag get?
  9. Was planning on spending the summer in Scotland but the virus messed that up. Looking forward to 2021 and wondering if you have vaccination certification if they will eliminate the 14 day quarantine rule. I am in higher risk group so am pretty confident I can get the shots before spring 2021. Anxious to start booking things but interested to hear what UK residents think about this.
  10. I don 't think you know as much as you think you know. I've told you I compared this set to my regular Apex Pro 19s. They are visually different as stated previously. They have a completely different feel as well. I don't know if I have the only Dot AW known to man, just that I actually own one. You are not talking to some dummy here, I've been a member of the PGA for 30 years and these irons do not have a cup face and they have retro lofts. My rep at Callaway preowned contacted someone in manufacturing and here is what he said. The simple change of adding TC to th
  11. Not trying to shill, trying to see if anyone else bought a set of these at Callaway preowned and had trouble selling them. I already know they are Apex Pro Dots because I compared them to my regular Apex Pro 19s and they are visually different (thinner topline, straighter leading edge, smoother hosel transition, and a higher more rounded toe) When you hit them there is a world of difference. Your assumption that I could not tell the difference between the two is a bit condescending. Image of apex pro dot is my six iron.
  12. Curry has Apex Pro double dots in the bag. Man has good taste.
  13. Barkley putting good, has left two just short that were center cup
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