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  1. LOL The Tiger worship is strong in this one Obi Maybe check my post again, never mentioned BK in same sentence with tiger or jack. Just that they were arrogant during their primes Pat Perez? Seriously? BK has more major wins (4) than Perez has PGA tour wins (3)
  2. Right, they are unhappy major winners playing the British Open Extremely happy people watch it on TV
  3. You are also not a tour pro with sponsors so why would you have a clue about their contracts.
  4. LOL. It's only going to hurt with about 50 WRXers who are consumed with hate/jealousy. Average golf fan sees Reed as an excellent golfer who is often on leader boards.
  5. Hard to think of something more insignificant than anonymous internet nobodies whinging about Koepka. The greatest golfers, Hogan, Nicklaus, Tiger were pretty much arrogant *****s in their prime and did not care about popularity contests. Many of us like Koepka because he speaks his mind honestly and doesn't give a crap if you want to elect him prom king. Of course it's your choice if you prefer posers like Rory "I'm really a nice guy please like me." Go watch Koepka play in person, he absolutely flushes every shot and does not care if you like him. I watch golf to see great golf shots, period. Could care less if shot maker is "likeable"
  6. Classic WRX Commenters whine about a social media spat that means zero while posting about it on social media. More pages than many threads about actual golf events.
  7. Was there for a month in 2019, it's pretty flat. Minimum elevation 2 m, max elevation 9 m. About 22 feet in elevation changes https://www.provisualizer.com/courses/standrewsoldcourse.php Check out elevation profile at link above for Kingsbarns or Castle course where they have some actual hills.
  8. About what you would expect for what is essentially a boring flat muni that absent of wind is defenseless against the modern game. There are 100 links courses in the UK superior to the Old Course.
  9. That gif is for all the Bruce morons who have a hissy fit whenever Koepka takes the lead
  10. Bruce morons whenever Koepka makes a birdie
  11. Hmmm 13 pages of comments on a silly Twitter spat and only 2 on current tour event where Jordan is playing great. Kinda shows where people's priorities are.
  12. Nice finish by Jordan, good battle by leaders
  13. LOL You are probably just trolling but you might want to consider the fact that BK makes more on a weekend playing golf than you will slaving away 50 weeks a year for the rest of your life.
  14. Yes, it was so boring when Tiger won the Masters by 12.
  15. Brooks Koepka, feeling down on his putting: "That was the worst putting performance I think I've ever had in my career. Can't get much worse." High expectations! Koepka was actually above-average on the day, gaining .09 shots on the field with the putter... BK using Psy war tactics on the field (and apparently, several WRXers)
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