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  1. maybe i’m being dense here (wouldn’t be the first time) but why would someone need to take relief in this situation? the lie looks decent enough. is standing on the cart path to take your shot against the rules?
  2. when i wear a gaiter in place of a mask, i’ll usually pull it up behind my head when i’ve gotta cover my mouth. if one side isn’t way lower than the other, it won’t slip down off your nose as easily.
  3. college kids eat tide pods and stick vodka soaked tampons up their butts and you’re worried about them wearing neck gaiters?
  4. looking for either model. i’m really only after the head, so any shaft, length, grip is ok. thanks in advance!
  5. you’re not wrong. but to be fair, every postgame/post round interview IS a total bother when’s the last time someone asked an interesting question of an athlete after a game?
  6. you can get crabs just by touching a PGA tour pro?
  7. my (tongue in cheek) comment spoke more to the fact that he had to manufacture a ridiculous lie in order to do something he wanted to do. i originally missed the part where he blew off pre existing plans to play more golf - that’s not cool.
  8. if you walked and your wife rode, you can cut that cart fee nut right in half
  9. thanks for the input. delofting the club is something i’ve been working on. the last few times out at the range my focus has been flighting the ball down.
  10. stand taller thru my legs as i take my backswing? and then does that drop and pivot initiate the downswing?
  11. i agree 100% bryson is big, strong, and fast...for a golfer
  12. what bryson is able to do is nothing short of amazing. controlling speed like that with the level of control he has is absurd. sure, i’m faster, but it’s a lot like giving a toddler drumsticks and setting them loose on a drum set haha i started playing last july in the midst of covid boredom. it’s been extremely fun and challenging so far.
  13. driver has been clocked north of 135. i’ve gotten my 7i to 110. speed is a hell of a drug. it presents its own unique set of problems.
  14. hahah all good man. and of course you can, i only came back with stats because i was so taken aback. also figured you’d like some meathead numbers
  15. phizzy, i’ve seen your posts on here. i know you’re a trainer. i was a nationally ranked olympic weightlifter. 545 back squat. 665 sumo dead and 630 conventional. snatched 300. i’ve got 30” quads. you’re the first person in the world who’s ever said i have chicken legs man, you’ve gotta love the internet!
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