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  1. no, it’s not inevitable. if you have a paunch you’re either lazy, eat like crap, or both. there’s honestly no excuse to be a slob.
  2. “monte” -everyone on wrx. i think if you asked about having your kitchen redone on here, you’d get at least two recommendations for monte.
  3. not sure why my post calling KT tape snake oil was removed, but here’s a few studies for you. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/23306413/ https://sites.udel.edu/coe-engex/2019/05/06/kinesio-tape-does-it-really-work/ https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1466853X16301857
  4. @krushit @omoub001 i swapped out my sunday reservation at winston trails for atlantic national. now my weekend is friday 3:46 osprey point saturday 2:21 park ridge sunday 10:12 atlantic national
  5. there’s a pay to play option as well. $5 gets you around the posting minimum.
  6. thanks. i’ll check it out. would you rank it over any of the 3 i already booked?
  7. it’s called active release therapy or ART and is highly effective for a lot of muscle and tendon issues. everyone suggesting braces, bands, rubs, creams, and everything else is selling (or has been sold) snake oil. improve your swing mechanics and strengthen the muscles surrounding the elbow and it will go away forever.
  8. i caved in the face of my Sim last year, but so far my Sim2 is holding up fine to swing speeds that are much higher than yours. and for what it’s worth, the replacement process for my sim was about as quick and painless as could be. my shop contacted TM, who authorized the shop to give me a new head from their inventory, and then TM replaced the inventory for the shop. i’m not sure why your process is so slow that you’ve gone out and bought new heads each time.
  9. i’m headed down this weekend and have rounds booked at Osprey Point on friday afternoon, westchester cc on saturday morning, and winston trails sunday morning. my house is close to park ridge so i’m gonna try to squeeze in another early morning or twilight 9 too. any other courses i should consider instead of the 3 i booked? i’d love to play jacaranda but i have to see if i can make the 45 minute drive work around my schedule for the weekend. thanks!
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