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  1. you should ask her how you should handle this situation. you know, since you already have to ask for your balls back when you get home.
  2. we’re actually all on tour. i just go to the van.
  3. did you read it? it said it was hidden.
  4. i posted a comment in the JT thread. asked a moderator about it, response was to post here. then the comment got deleted. asked a moderator about it again and the response was to post here. so now i’m posting here and wondering why my comment got deleted.
  5. up for sale is a Hzrdus handcrafted black 75g driver shaft for $150 comes in at 43.5” from tip to grip with no adapter i can include a G400 adapter for an additional $25 tip looks a little rough because of a really bad epoxy job from the previous owner, but won’t affect playability at all. golf pride midsize MCC grip with plenty of life left also up for grabs is a Rapsodo MLM for $SOLD fully functional, works great, just not well suited for the two places i’ll be using it the most. i don’t have the space for it to functio
  6. just did this myself for my house down in florida driver: Ping G400 LST 8.5* with hzrdus handcrafted black 75 6.5TX ($160) 3W: Cobra King Speedzone 14.5* with GD XC 7X ($330) irons: titleist 718 AP2 4-Pw with DG X7 ($350) wedges: Vokey SM6 50/54/58 with X100 shafts ($130) using my backup putter, so i didn’t have to buy one total comes to $970 for a damn good set
  7. crazy church chicks are usually awesome in bed, so that’s probably why you can’t see the answer clearly for yourself. get out of there as fast as you possibly can and don’t look back.
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