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  1. good points and not arguing the numbers there, but i’d imagine the 7 figure guaranteed “appearance fee” before a tee even goes in the ground tilts things in the saudis favor a little bit.
  2. good thing he left his phone number. now you can get a faster response when you’re getting ripped off!
  3. OP, thank you. i’m gonna use this logic on my wife. “honey it’s not me, the car drives to the bar every night. i need a new car that doesn’t drive to the bar”
  4. looking for one in driver length. let’s see what you’ve got!
  5. every other thread in the last two weeks has devolved into some sort of fitness debate. all the “experts” on this forum know just slightly less about fitness than they do about the golf swing. but they’re WRX-long on opinions.
  6. generally, no it’s not bad. but how you feel about it depends on a lot of different things do you lift regularly now? if so, the effect of lifting on your range session will be negligible, if any at all. if you don’t lift now and are just starting out, then you’ll probably feel really sore after your first few workouts and while swinging a club won’t feel great, it isn’t bad for you either. in fact, movement is one of the best ways to stave off muscle soreness and keep you feeling good. lots of people walk or go for a light jog. a range session isn’t any more physically demanding than that.
  7. no. there’s no such thing as a frame:squat weight ratio. i don’t know what everyone in here stating that he squatted too much weight “for his frame” is talking about. there are guys rory’s size squatting over 500lbs safely and guys 100lbs heavier than him who can’t squat their bodyweight.
  8. thanks man. i was 195 there, that’s the weight i competed at. definitely a lot bigger than most gymnasts. my quads are about 30” each so that’s where i carry a lot of my weight
  9. i played all sports growing up but man i wish my parents had put me in gymnastics.
  10. yup. that’s me. not all from bodyweight BSC. i was an olympic lifter and competed in crossfit. gymnastics was a huge component of it and i got pretty damn good.
  11. yup i can do bar as well. just don’t have any on video. i think 8 or 9 strict was my best i never quite fit to an iron cross on the rings. but i was damn close. my arms were out at about 75*
  12. how many you want? strict or kipping? IMG_9013.MOV
  13. i know a lot of wealthy people who have both never been on a college campus and have also never heard of twitch. everyone’s experiences are different and there are a million different paths to take. college isn’t for everyone, and that’s coming from someone with a bachelor’s, masters, and was halfway to my PhD when i finally said screw this.
  14. not hardly. i turned down yale because i thought a full baseball scholarship to georgetown was cooler. i never even had to deal with admissions your kids sound like an awesome little dude and lady and i hope their admirable goals pan out.
  15. carrying on? no, im simply disagreeing. and mind you, im NOT disagreeing with having high expectations for our children. i’ve already said i’ve got high hopes and expectations for my son. i disagree first off that going to a certain college, or even to college at all, is the great pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that everyone makes it out to be. the days of needing a college degree to get ahead are long behind us. the competitiveness of universities and the pressures placed on kids to get there has become ridiculous bordering on unhealthy. unless someone wants to play a sport or go down a particular career path that requires higher education, college is optional at best. my high expectations for my kids don’t ride on them getting into a certain school or even going to college at all. hey, if you felt like i was coming at you or attacking your choices then i apologize. it wasn’t my intention. there are a million ways to raise children and no one (within reason lol) should feel questioned for how they choose to go about it. your kids are lucky to have parents so invested.
  16. having high standards and expectations is more than fine, it’s a great thing. i have the same for my son, so i don’t disagree with you there. my issue was more with the “sky is falling down” attitude MB seemed to have if things didn’t go according to plan. things don’t always go as we script them in life. not every kid is harvard material and i really don’t see considering it a “massive letdown” or however he categorized it as fair to a child.
  17. LOL man the world is really their oyster, huh? have a great night.
  18. yeah, i definitely read you right the first time like i thought i did. that’s a LOT of pressure to hang on your kids heads. if your kids are in a position to apply to ANY colleges, you should be proud of what they’ve achieved. not upset because it wasn’t the school you thought they should go to. what if your kids decide that college isn’t even for them? would that be an even more massive disappointment? i guess i just can’t relate to projecting your own wants and desires that heavily on to your children. let them be kids. let them find their way. good luck with the whole thing.
  19. i literally quoted you and then phrased your words as a question. what am i missing? maybe you can clarify
  20. awesome, thanks. very possible i’ll go this way. pro platinum finish, YSC shaft, pistolero plus grip… this is gonna be a sweet little build.
  21. is that the champagne? it looks great
  22. they answered my email after hours and had this to say:
  23. i ordered a scotty YSC shaft today. sorry bud! gonna call them tomorrow. that’d be ideal.
  24. the YSC putter shafts are in stock at chip and putt . com if you're looking for one. just placed an order for a scotty refinish im doing
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