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  1. Do some measuring. I have a setup that sounds just like what you are setting up. Getting the hitting enclosure and projector mount set up, with the throw distance correct to maximize image, and where you are going to hit from, will save a lot of irritation later. I have mine set up with the Skytrak connected directly to the laptop via the USB port and it connects quickly and consistently. It is cleaner to connect wirelessly to the projector, but I ran an hdmi cable around the frame of the enclosure to the laptop, and set up a station to the side of the enclosure with all the cables running
  2. The best thing about this time of year is all the barely used 2nd hand stuff that comes up for sale, and you can save a ton on clubs that are essentially the same. If you just delay reading websites and reviews for 12 months, you can make golfing at the cutting edge seem affordable.
  3. Update - I picked up a used Srixon u85 3 iron (20 deg) with the stock recoil 95 shaft, and it is awesome. Very forgiving, but you feel it when you don’t quite get it right, and a nice flight for a tee club.
  4. Same view as in you are looking at the same bit of coastline.... nothing compares with the view you get when coming off 14 at Cypress - 15 and 16 are two of the most stunning golf holes anywhere.
  5. From Full Swing (quoting from the other forum): ball speed, club head speed, club path, club face, face to target, ball direction, apex, smash factor, launch angle, attack angle, carry distance, total distance, side total, side carry, spin, spin axis
  6. If you visit the chat on this on the golf simulator forum website, a couple of folks reached out and got some responses that make it sound like a mevo+ that will have some club data. It is supposed to work indoors and will have an official partnership with TGC software, and runs with a combo of camera and radar. I’m skeptical about radar systems indoors, so am really looking forward to early reviews.
  7. 1. City and State? Pebble Beach, CA 2. Handicap? 4.8 3. What ZX iron set do you want to test? ZX7 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes, and I have a LM for data. 4. Current Iron setup? MP20 MMC/MB combo, modus 120s 5. What is the most exciting thing about the ZX irons? Sole grind, combination of the way the club feels and the way it gets through the turf. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  8. There has to be a driver one day that will recognize the fact that my swing is repeatable and on plane. Every one I’ve tried so far has disagreed and sprayed the ball all over the place. It is clearly the fault of the driver.
  9. The shafts are reasonably comparable (tensei av blue 65 vs ping tour 65s, same length) - I have to get the stiff av blue back from a friend I lent it to (instead of the x stiff that is currently in there), then I'll report back....
  10. Pacific Grove muni for $18 twilight. Front 9 is a warm-up for the back, which has the same views as Spyglass, MPCC and Cypress. The back 9 is a really fun, playable links that is always in good condition.
  11. I've watched a bunch of reviews of the g425 drivers (the usual suspects - TXG, Rick Shiels, Mark Crossfield etc) and in all their gcquad tests it looks like the g425 max is pretty low spinning in its own right. Their spin numbers for the max are virtually the same as the LST, and they all comment on how stable the max feels. They did mention that the sound of the max was "off". I have just bought the 410 lst to mess around with (used head, off the classifieds here), and am comparing with my epic flash SZ - I've been lured in my the promise of greater stability of the ping drivers (the flash is
  12. I also stumbled across the perfect ice pack for a sore big toe - my foot fits perfectly in one of those wine cooler sleeves you keep in the freezer. Not sure my wife would approve of this use for it, so I only use it when she is at work.
  13. Thanks - my sister is a sports injury physio, my wife is a doctor, as is my dad. They all have the same opinion (one of the drawbacks of living in a medical family - if it hurts, then don’t do it, and it you keep doing it anyway then stop whining). Ice, Advil, insoles and rest are working but the real test is this weekend and whether I can resist playing and let it truly settle down. The thought of pushing some weak fades into hazards isn’t too enticing, but who can ever turn down a chance to play?
  14. My conversations with my wife on the topic of a gcquad sound like Rocket at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy - "but you don't understand, what if I really want it?"
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