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  1. Wasn’t replying to anyone, just participating in the conversation. In my long-time set of irons, Nike pro combos, the 5 iron was 27 degrees, and in my current irons the 6 iron is 28 degrees. Without wanting to get into any loft jacking controversy, I just think it is better to look at the loft of the hybrid in relation to your irons rather than call it a “4” or a “5”. Interestingly (to me, at least) , I have the 21 deg f9 as well and don’t carry it because it carries the same distance as the 24, with a different trajectory - it rolls out more, but not as far as a 21 deg iron (a callaway x forg
  2. These would have been great a few years ago - he is at the top end of the growth chart for these clubs so they only really make sense if you start on these at 8-9ish, then use the reshaft option after a couple of years. I anticipate him being a lot taller soon (his growth chart predicts he will hit about 6’ 2ish eventually).
  3. Depends on your irons for blending distances, but the 24 degree cobra f9 (they call it a 5 hybrid, but in my old TM hybrids the 23deg was the “4 hybrid”) is the is the most versatile and easy to hit hybrid I’ve had - nothing can knock it out the bag. 200 yards, high and lands soft, can stretch it out a bit further if needed, and can hit a sky high little cut into par 3s anywhere up to 200 off a tee.
  4. I moved from a stiff flex 120g shaft (modus) to x flex steelfiber 110s and it has been a tremendous change. I’m not the fastest, but have a shortish swing and a hard transition - the x flex shafts have improved dispersion and the flight profile. My numbers wouldn’t traditionally justify the x flex, and I tried them because I got a great bargain on the forum here on a set of irons and shafts I wanted to try, and I’m now ready to sell my pretty new irons with the modus in them.
  5. This was posted a couple of months ago on the golf simulator forum - I’ve given up checking in on it (others have reached out and got the same marketing spiel from FS, and nothing useful). Anything in 2021 would be a pleasant surprise, and I’m not asking for my $100 back from them yet.
  6. Not really, yet - some school golf and PGA junior league stuff. In the big scheme of things, just getting started.
  7. An awesome member of another forum set me up with his kids’ hand-me-downs for 2 lofted fairways, and cut the shafts down and installed new grips etc. He also sorted me for a shaft for my old rogue driver, so along with the sub 70 irons, build to spec for him, I think we are all set for about $700 all in.
  8. Just ordered a set of 739 irons and a hybrid from sub 70 - 6h, then 7 iron to SW with senior flex Aldila NV 55g shafts. They are making them to order with -1”, 1 deg flat and undersized grips based on my measurements and some launch monitor data at home. Super-easy to order, and about 2 weeks to get them to our door.
  9. They still aren’t doing twilight times at Spanish and Spy and probably won’t for another month or two. They put these rates up last year to $80 and $105, and it starts pretty late (5pm in the spring/summer so it is a stretch to get in 18 unless the course is wide open in front of you).
  10. I’m going to chat with the folks at sub 70 today and see what they could build - there is a big gap in the market for clubs for this age group (too big for the junior sets, but not big enough for adult length and typical weight shafts, and I don’t think he needs much more than a 7 iron before going to hybrids nor does he need a full set of irons right now).
  11. Trying to piece together the next set of clubs for my son - if anyone has some irons/other clubs suitable for a 5'2" young fella that your kid has moved on from, or a shorter, whippy shaft I can put in a cally driver then let me know!
  12. My son just turned 12, is getting better quickly after some lessons and more time on the course, and is growing like a weed. He is 5'2" right now, and carries his Taylormade Phenom driver (which he got as a 10 year old) about 175 yards on average. His clubs are now a little short, but still ok for the time being, and there is a gap in obvious options for this stage of development (he also lost one of the irons so has less than a half set). For those of you with kids who have come up through the various development stages, where do we go next? I have read various options - women's clubs, senior
  13. It is the35” with stock 10g weights in the head. They had that golf pride grip and I nearly bought one to try - if cheap, used grips like this pop up on the forum I can see myself buying a collection.... On a separate note, I bought a golfworks grip removal tool on the forum and it is unbelievably easy to switch out putter grips. I’m not sure this is a good thing, because it makes it too easy to tinker!
  14. I needed something I could feel before installing, and the local golf shop had a limited selection, so I went with the superstroke pistol traxion 2.0 - it fits my hand and grip really nicely, and so far it is working out really well. It is quite a bit lighter than the Scotty grip, but I like the feel of a heavier head so it hasn’t negatively impacted the balance of the putter for me.
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