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  1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel HERE done 2. Search for your local Club Champion location HERE done 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? San Francisco (any of the Bay Area locations) 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? Yes 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Driver, irons - particularly interested in getting shafts fitted (never really done this properly before)
  2. I bought the shotscope pro L1 earlier in the summer, but didn’t use it much until a few weeks ago. According to the rangefinder I Had 210 to the flag on a hole on my home course I know well. Seemed a bit short, but went with it and came up well short. Didn’t think much of it (assumed I didn’t catch it as clean as I thought, or there was a bit more wind) , but I’m the next hole, par 3, it gave a reading 12 yards short of what I know the hole to play. Others in my group lasered it and confirmed my rangefinder was short again. Checked it against their Bushnell devices on the next hole and again it was 10 yards short. shotscope customer service were great, and sent me a new one - seemed weird, given the technology, for this to happen, but I assumed it was a faulty unit. Took the new one out today, and it did the same thing! My son has my old bushnell pinseeker (15 years old, but bulletproof), and we compared the shotscope to the bushnell, while standing in a yardage sprinkler head. 10-15 yards short every time (Arccos gps was within a yard or two of the sprinkler head to the middle of the green, and the Bushnell seemed spot on knowing where the pin was). UPDATE: after stopping and thinking, and remembering that these are produced for the European market, I figured out that the differences were exactly the difference between yards and meters… shotscope customer service never suggested checking that it was in the correct mode (and I didn’t realize it had two modes - my old rangefinder was so old it only had yards). Turns out that If you hold down the wrong button (two buttons on top, one for measuring, one for toggling between modes) it jumps between yards and meters. They probably thought no one could be that stupid. I was going to try and delete this post to hide embarrassment, but thought I’d just own it for your amusement.
  3. On a quiet day at the weekly fitting day at Bayonet a couple of years ago I was allowed to grab a bunch of wedges from all the big names and compare them on a full range of shots. Totally to my surprise, the Callaway md4 was far and away the best fit for me (s grind).
  4. I returned it today - I already have a Skytrak that works well indoors, and was hoping for something quick and easy to set up at the range that gave somewhat reliable measurements (including some idea of club data). After trying it out indoors and out I decided to recycle the $600 towards the next big hope in launch monitors. Combined with the $100 deposit I claimed back on the full swing kit I’m up to $700 towards the bushnell/foresight collaboration…
  5. Unfortunately, in my experience, the angle of attack numbers were all over the place and the path data wasn’t great either (my swing is pretty consistent - I hit a little to the left/inside for a consistent fade, and the numbers show a giant out to in chop and huge banana slices)
  6. Has anyone else seen bizarre club head speed values, and resultant crazy smash factors? The ball speed seems pretty accurate and it is getting the ball flight mostly right, but my first few 3 woods gave me the distance I’d expect (about a 240-250 carry) and ball speeds (either side of 150mph) but it was giving a club head speed of 90mph, and one of 87mph. It was worse with driver, where I got an expected carry and ball speed in the right ballpark (260-270 carry with ball speeds of 155-low 160sj but a club head speed of low 90s. Either Callaway has developed the most amazing driver and fairway wood line and got efficiency up to 1.7, or there is something off… Occasionally it got the club head speed more realistic, and irons seem ok. AoA values are all over the place (hitting up 7 deg with a 3 wood off the deck that wasn’t topped 5 yards) with woods as well.
  7. 1988, Dunlop DDH as a 15 year old beginner, 33 hcp. 8 iron from 135 yards, still have it in a jam jar on my old bedroom shelf at my parents’ house. Haven’t had one since.
  8. I’m not sure if I’m being clueless, but I hooked the Garmin to a projector via hdmi through my phone and all you get in the Garmin phone app is a portrait mode projection that is tiny and petty useless (may as well just look at your phone). It won’t do landscape mode. I haven’t activated the subscription (not sure if I’m going to keep it) but assume the Home Town Hero will display in the same way. I also assume E6 must display landscape, but unless there is a way to push landscape mode through your phone then HTH will be pretty limited as a projected sim. Anyone else try this out? I have a skytrak with TGC19 so I bought the Garmin to use outdoors at the range, but it seems odd that their simulator wouldn’t display well via a projector.
  9. The back 9. Can’t concentrate and stay focused for that long, and always throw in some bad holes on the second 9. Golf should be a 12 hole game, and be done in a hour and half tops.
  10. I picked up a used set of Srixon 785s with steelfiber shafts on a bit of a whim and they quickly knocked the mp20 mmcs out to the bag - love them, and can be had for a good price used (they seem to come up pretty regularly on the forum here). Mid irons launch so easily, and they look great (very similar to the mmcs) at address.
  11. The sub 70 irons are working out really well. Hybrid 6 iron, then 7-Sw. I think the 7 iron is 30deg (an old—fashioned 5 iron….), and any less loft with an iron would be hard to get high enough. We tried my old rogue head in a soft shaft, but it didn’t have enough loft (9deg adjusted to 11) so we are going to try a 13.5 degree driver head.
  12. Two items up for sale today: Callaway Epic Flash sub zero 3 wood, 15 deg with Tensei AV Blue 75 stiff shaft. Good condition - face wear is cosmetic (dark paint worn off) but crown and sole are in great shape, and it has a brand new GP MCC +4 align grip. $SOLD After a long day on the course, hammer away your muscle aches with this muscle percussion gun (Kitta Synca - basically the same as a theragun) - brand new, in box (only took it out to take these photos). Won it and will never use it, so hopefully someone else is looking for something like this. These are $150 new on amazon, so I'll take $110 for it (shipped) if anyone is interested.
  13. Mx23s - first set of forged irons.
  14. It was a great investment at the very start of lockdown, and it really helped to improve my game. The ball speed data is solid, and I ignore the club speed because it doesn’t measure it directly. The two annoying things are the delay and the lack of spin decay (anything with side spin gets exaggerated in terms of distance offline). TGC19 calculates spin decay, I think, so seems more realistic to me in terms of ball flight but doesn’t give peak height, which is a bit annoying. ive put a deposit down for the full swing kit, which will be $4k at launch, because it will be easier indoors for left and right handers (Skytrak is a massive pain to switch around), will be useable at the range and measures path and face angle directly (the main thing I need it work on). I’ll see how the reviews for this play out before deciding whether to sell the Skytrak.
  15. I went through a website called allsportsystems for a similar budget - bought their frame, netting (including side netting for when the kids use it) and projector mount, along with skytrak and tgc19. Got the laptop on Black Friday and got an old projector from work, and bought a truestrike mat from intheholegolf.com. No sales tax was a big plus for the mat and frame. Home Depot cut all the poles to length for me, so it was pretty easy and around $7k all in. I put the frame on top of some gym mats (the interlocking type) on top of $100 of turf carpeting from Home Depot. Photo gives a sense - sorry it is sideways, couldn’t get it the right way up!
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