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  1. I don't think this would be a wise choice for such a slow swing speed. I'd work on your technique before conventing to a 425cc driver. It'll probably knock some rpms off but add some stroke to your game.
  2. I picked both of them up this fall. The xlow has a much thinner forward bounce surface. Both are great low bounce option but I think the T grind is a bit more gameable. On the other hand, the Cleveland looks so good in the tour raw finish and you can pick them up for cheap right now.
  3. Vokey SM8 WedgeWorks T Grind.
  4. The Kushin/ Double Bend/Carbon Steel (Patina) is calling my name! Haha
  5. They do an in-person or zoom fitting with you, a PING master fitter and a design engineer. Then once you decide on your specs you can just order it through a PING accounts retailer. I email them in December to talk about this and they just asked when I wanted to book a fitting. I just emailed their customer service and they got me in contact with a Putting Lab master fitter. Im from Canada so I decided to wait until all the travel restrictions are gone so I can go to HQ for an in person fitting.
  6. Just give PING an email or call and they will connect you with the Master fitter for the Putting Lab.
  7. It's gonna be later this year and might possibly be next year. They will be iBlade replacements, so probably forged body and/or face with some sort of elastomer insert.
  8. Like a sight line? Yes, you can literally customize them how you want. It's the same process they go through with their tour players.
  9. It's a custom built one off putter that you, a PING master fitter and a design engineer create from a single billet. A true tour experience. You get to select head shapes, hosel styles, offets, materials, head Weight, small design detail, different types of face milling, inserts...the list goes on. What would you suggest they ask for such a service?
  10. For $1250 USD, you can get you're own PLD custom putter made at PING HQ. I was talking to one of the master fitters and you can get a fitting with them over Zoom or at PING HQ . Then they can build you a custom putter to pretty much whatever spec you want. This is a steal of a deal when you compared it to the $3K price of a basic Circle T putter that isn't even custom made for you.
  11. Did you get this LBK with any profile hand grinds? The toe looks more rounded than my 60T.
  12. PING are releasing their next putter line this Spring and I'm pretty sure I seen a Anser 4 head shape in the mix.
  13. It was, heard Aaron Dill talk about it in a SM8 interview for the reason they ditched the 58L and 54M.
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