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  1. Blueprints felt dead? I mean they don't feel as soft as a Mizuno but they still feel good and definitely don't feel "dead". I guess you just weren't hitting the middle... Haha
  2. Why would PING trademark i230 last month then? Are they going to change the i2xx range naming to i59 then go back to i230? The i59 are going to fit right in between the Blueprint and the i2xx.
  3. The customizations (stamping, shaft band, ferrule and grips) are included with the $199 price of the Wedgeworks Vokeys (Raw/Slate Blue finishes or Wedgeworks LBK/T grinds). Vokeys are cast but it's clearly not that big an issue because more player on tour play Vokeys than all other brands combined. I do love a good forged wedge all the same so I see where you're coming from.
  4. Yeah I was caught up with the iBlade 2.0 trademark too but one member pointed out that the iBlade 2.0 trademark was older than the Blueprint trademark. So they probably decide the change the naming schemes after the fact.
  5. The i59 are the iBlade replacement. If you look at PINGs trademarks, they have i525 and i230. Those will be the replacements for the i500 and i210, respectively. This have been discussed 10x on this forum already.
  6. So it's natural for you to whine about production delays of a different product, while discussing and speculating spy photos/info about an unreleased one? I'm sure people would rather see one post from me telling these people to make a new thread, then to see 20 posts of people complaining again and again because a set of their irons from the same manufacturer are delayed.
  7. Why? It's a $199 wedge, not some hard to get tour only head.
  8. Looks like another PING thread getting ruined by people just whining about delays. If people wanna whine and complain about delays, make a seperate thread.
  9. Blueprints are slightly thinner than the iBlades. Don't own the i210s but a few friends of mine play them and they are a bit larger than the iBlades
  10. Any word on the Epic Speed Triple Diamond fairway woods? In Jon Rahm's WITB from the master I think they called it a Sub Zero prototype.
  11. Here's some slightly older picture of this wedges: Vokey Proto 52.5°/10M Vokey Proto 58°/Wide M
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