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  1. I just bought one.. in the store it played a lot like my trusty ping zing but felt more stable.
  2. Do you have to take caddies? Is there any scenario where you do not have to take a caddie? Thanks
  3. When I played Bandon my biggest thing was I kept having to take rain gear off and on. So make sure you have plenty of room for that.
  4. Everyone- have not been playing much and want to sell some extra stuff. No trades - trying to clean out. Did not have time to clean up clubs before pics. Only thing left is the M3 Driver. Ping G400 Max 10.5 original copper 55 stiff shaft and after market Aldila Rogue 130 MSI 60 stiff shaft. This one is in good shape. No headcover. I will include both at this price of 275 plus 10 dollars shipping. Sold Taylormade M3 440 10 degrees of loft and upgraded shaft and headcover. Looks like a Tensei white CK series 60 stiff. Love this club and hate to see it go. 175 plus 10 dollars shipping. Taylormade m5 3 wood stiff shaft and 15 loft. Everything stock no headcover. Tensei orange CK series 65 stiff shaft. 125 plus 10 dollars shipping. Callaway Mavrik Max 3 wood with Aldila Evenflow Riptide 70 stiff shaft and headcover. 125 plus 10 dollars shipping. Cobra Long tom Driver this one is 48 inches and all stock with original grip, headcover, and shaft. It has 9 degrees of loft and stiff shaft. This is a great club for scrambles or bestball tournaments. It will hit some bombs. Check out the YouTube reviews. 125 plus 10 dollar shipping. pin 9/19
  5. That is funny. I wonder why they did that?
  6. It is a bizarre game. Been there and done that. The pro's are victim to this as well. The hot round followed by a dud.
  7. Gregory John Norman was born on February 10, 1955 in Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia. He played rugby and Aussie Rules football while growing up but became hooked on golf at age 15 after serving as a caddie for his mother. His first golf instruction came through Jack Nicklaus’ book, Golf My Way, and after a mere 18 months, Norman played to a scratch handicap. I read somewhere that Norman the first time he played shot 100- can't exactly remember. But the point is he was one of the most talented golfers of all time.
  8. Take lessons- space them out 2 months at a time. Do the work in-between the lessons. Good instructors will give you homework- if you never do anything with it then that's on you. Golf is just like any other sport- good technique coaching and practice pays off.
  9. Taylor made Milled Grind 2 wedge chipped around with the plastic still on 54- SOLD Ping Glide 3.0 Eye 2 sole wedges 54 and 58 order them in like new condition from 2ndswing and had them both built to 35.5 inches and 1 degree upright SOLD 905r 10.5 driver Aldila NV 65 stiff flex with original headcover. You will be hard pressed to find this driver in this good of condition anywhere. Total classic. SOLD R9 Driver and R9 3 wood both with MCC plus 4 midsize grips and headcovers. Fujikura motore 65 in the driver and fujikura motore 70 in the 3 wood both in stiff. Once again you will be hard pressed to find these clubs in this good of condition. They are classics and I have enjoyed playing them but need to make room. SOLD Callaway ERC II driver 10 degree firm with new ping wrap grip. This club is non conforming and has hot COR that is too high for play today. I bought it to mess around with in Best Ball and Lauderdale's tournaments. The face is hot- I confirmed on PGA superstore launch monitor. My smash factor is higher than normal with this club. You will be hard pressed to find this club in better condition. 39 dollars plus 15 dollars shipping. Ping rapture 20 degree 7 wood with Aldila blue proto 85 shaft. I saw when Phil won the PGA that Louie O had his 7 wood in play. This made me dig this one out and play a round with it. This club is extremely versatile and great to play with today... lots of birdies left in this club. 50 plus 15 dollars shipping. Masters Pullover XL never been worn- I bought too much stuff not trying to make money. SOLD Thanks for looking- no trades. I need the cash. pin 6/6
  10. I’m thinking of getting a set. Any updates from anyone? Wondering if anyone plays them in 2021?
  11. The ping g15 irons are sold. The ping i200 irons and ping g400 3 wood are still available. Thanks
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