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  1. That's true, definitely a lot more comfortable gear out there today. Have experienced too many occasions here and abroad where I've invited friends (beginners) to a round and they ask "Do I have to wear a polo?", to which the answer is yes. Most I know, surprisingly, don't own one.. so it's either you buy a polo, or don't play. Can we (golf community / courses) do better than that?
  2. That's fair, attire won't be the sole determining factor. But have we (adult golfers) have actually tried to understand why the younger golfer drops out or doesn't want to continue the game? Would be a fascinating survey if undertaken. My guess is that some juniors still perceive it to be a heavily rules and conformity-based sport (what we say goes, and that's that). It's easy for us to say "if you don't wear a polo, you don't really care enough to play". We now have cool golf shoes you can wear on and off the course and hoodies that some courses are relaxing rules on.. that's a great start in making the sport more appealing! Why stop there...
  3. Love this. Pace of play and course etiquette much more important.
  4. Good to hear! Hadn’t seen a subject directly on the topic through a search here.
  5. Hi all - keen to hear what the community thinks on this one. Personally in the camp of allowing (smart) t-shirts across all courses for the following reasons: 1. Expense of conforming to the dress code; we made a great step with golf shoes and hoodies in this regard, but we too often see people either turned away or just not show up because they don't have a polo. 2. Removes another barrier for the younger generation to sustain participation through their teens. It's high-time we asked them what they see as reasonable golf attire, rather than the other way around. 3. CEOs of tech and other large corporates are, increasingly in the WFH environment, presenting in t-shirts. Smart, fitted t-shirts that look quite professional. Can that now be our benchmark? 4. T-shirts are more comfortable, both on those hot days and when you want to wear one under a hoodie or pullover. Understand there's a variety of views out there, and that's what makes this forum great!
  6. Good thread. If pace of play, care for the course and general etiquette (respect while others are hitting) are the key concerns here, why not make those the priority in the club's 'rules'? Too often we see a manual on dress code; collared shirts, length of pants, type of sock etc.. New golfers ultimately see this and a) think it's a barrier to playing or b) feel they've now met the main criteria by wearing a collared shirt so can play how they want on the course. Start with what's important: take care of the course, play at a good pace and respect others. De-emphasising the dress-code might make that shift in understanding easier.
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