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  1. I checked there website and the soft 3 comes with a LAMKIN SINKFIT SKINNY PISTOL
  2. Thank you for the information. It will prove valuable. i may try to look for other shafts around the weight of the current graphite shafts(89 grams) any suggestions on graphite shafts for these?
  3. Assume your asking OP but i only have issues with driver/woods... hybrids/irons/wedges all fine. Although inconsistent. interested to see what OP has to say.
  4. I have gone to a 5 wedge set up as i am using modern irons (g710)with old wedges (eye 2/eye 2+)... has been questioned but like full swings (do go half sometimes on 53). Setup is 44* (g710 pw), 48.5, 53, 57 (eye 2 + becu) and 61 (eye 2 becu). 61 is fun and for super short (<15) approaches. High and soft.
  5. Looking to change out some broken graphite shafts from a set of ping zing BeCu irons... have a set of taper tip .355 steel shafts im thinking of putting in (99% these are the correct fit) Have read something about not using steel shafts in “graphite irons”. Is this simply a swingweight issues. Is there any other reason to not put steel shafts in. shafts i have are true temper I believe them to be r200. thx for the help. -Steve
  6. I've had the same driver (Taylormade R580 XD) since 2006. Thought about getting a new one but until i continue with lessons and get the driver straightened out, for me, it makes no sense in buying the lastest and greatest. I feel you may be in the same boat...
  7. i had literally the same issue. well only i fairway right(hahaha). Grip and swing path adjustments are the key. Lessons will smooth that out.
  8. Currently game the Eye 2 plus BeCu wedges only... Love them. Did take some time to get used to the Lofts and gaps within my irons (ping g710's).
  9. First off i stink at most of my golf game But the short game has been the most consistent. I had used Cleveland tour action 900's for my first 15 yrs. I did like them for a while. I have since switched to Ping eye 2 + wedges. I got the yips and really like the eye 2 + square toe. regardless of what wedge you grab, technique and practice is everything.
  10. Really want one of these! only available in RH... Im a lefty...
  11. Your seasons not done!!! im near new haven and playing this weekend. should be about 45 degrees
  12. Amazing info golfunderpar! i was looking for the models and what each's characteristics were...
  13. looking for info on a BeCu sand wedge... Tried calling Ping but i work overnights and not easy to get calls in... Thank you 752074BC
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