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  1. i've played both. no difference for me btw the 2 except for sightline is bolder on newer version. I stink though.
  2. oh i forgot i have a Pentium I7 processor
  3. Looking to build a golf sim in the near future... After a firesale at work i have begun to gather equipment needed. What I have; INfocus IN5144a projector. Computer side of things: Asus Deluxe 99ii motherboard Samsung 860 EVO SSD sata m.2 256GB drive Dell computer Chassis, fan and power supply but nothing else will be saved. I assume I will need a OS as well as a decent graphics card so any suggestions will help. I am not sure as to which simulator I will chose (i.e GC2, skytrak or what not) so in
  4. Wear them when playing but tend to remove when trying to read the greens... Costa's with a polarized lens (green tint). I just made sure they are a snug fit as i have had some others fly off during swing.
  5. Go no Ferrule! I do like the build... Enjoy
  6. i think you guys have asserted what deep down i knew... I checked out the PTX pro but currentyl they are only available in Righty... Bummer
  7. Also any shots of the front side of the heads?
  8. would you say the Apex '16's are a big difference from the '21s? fitted for the 21 and loved them
  9. Oh and by older model on the Edge i believe they came out in 2018... not the ealry 200's and such that were named the same
  10. here goes... Decent iron striker with room for improvement/ to grow... Currently playing ping Eye 2 BeCu 4-LW. high handicap but really all due to Tee box and putting issues, Irons and wedges are my saving grace... Have some extra cash so looking to get some "modern clubs" to add to the rotation. Assume tech advancements and some lower lofts will help. I went for a fitting and the Callaway Apex 21 and Mizuno JPX 921 HM were the 2 i hit the best. Went for the HM based on price but really didnt care for them purely on aesthetics alone. Liked the Feel, shots and look of
  11. i have a set i acquired from a neighbor's son after he passed... these came with a white dot... Never got to ask if he just painted it white or what. Anyone know what white could mean anything in terms of lie?
  12. shes a beaut... glws... i'm scouring my bank account for any left overs for the purchase
  13. head only on the sim? I am nowhere close to an 8x swinger...
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