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  1. I believe the eye 2 SW is 57. With the eye 2 + SW being 53
  2. Was thinking of sending back to ping but from what i believe they will not send my old shafts back. Which i would like for down the road if i do someday sell. i also just called a local shop (mikes golf outlet in hartford ct) and they said they would not reshaft due to epoxy being toxic. Ill have to call around. im comfortable doing myself just would rather a shop do it as i do not have swingweight knowledge. Thoughts
  3. Excellent reply... I’ll try to give a concise response to all posts as I have a 2 and 3 yr old hanging off my leg for most of the last 2 days... im 42. Irons/short are my strengths with putting and the tee box hurting me. Depends on the aforementioned but generally 90-100 depending on 3 putts and blowing my driver (since replaced with a super hybrid 17) in the woods... Preference was a set that would challenge me to get my swing better. As the super game improvement clubs to me have proven to be way to inconsistent yardage wise (flush one and it’s 25 yards over target)... seems jpx 921
  4. long story short... Was bequeathed a set of Ping Eye 2 BeCu's Irons (Uncle gave me the wedges a few months ago now and love them, still use them) ... Hit Irons at the range a few times a played them once on course. Liked them a lot! Hit ball straight and as i should yardage wise for lofts... Issues: Stiff shaft- had to work a bit to hit them as i am a reg. shaft. Shoulder hurt pretty bad after all times using the BeCu's. Think i should go graphite... Was looking to re-shaft them so i went to golf shop to check out some shafts. Obviously had to use newe
  5. Check site now. Pretty sure there’s one going on now
  6. i 2nd that... grabbed a 17* super hybrid... never looked back.
  7. Awesome news! @bvanlieu What did you put in the BeCu's? I could assume SF's but you know... How do you like the SF's in your SW/GW?
  8. Hmmm wonder if that will be to much... I am def. a regular shaft. I feel the S300 may be pretty stout. Any graphite comparisons to the Ping AWT 2.0... do have those in a set i enjoy
  9. Grabbed one around black friday. Awesome deal... i have the 17* turned to 16*... Generally use it out of the tee box... when (which is 90% of the time) my driver is garbage... use a pro blue mitsubishi shaft... Love it... 3 wood length with hybrid ease... no hooking as some have said... for me it is just as advertised... looking to grab the 20 ( tuned to 19*) on CPO's next sale...
  10. Gotcha. Ill have to try and get to the shop and try ‘em out. From specs based on serial from ping the SW for the set is C7. Which i believe is pretty light. Immediately liked the feel of weight just not the firmness and effort i needed to really launch them. Shoulder and hip was killing me on ride home from range. Got me thinking
  11. Depends on which height heels im wearing.
  12. Thats the main issue. I looked at the aerotech site for 110cw specs and only saw stiff or xstiff. No regular. 95’s are prob to much of a diff. From 115g shafts i have been using. gonna continue to do some research. with kids and work very little time to actually go and test shafts. Really relying on opinions and specs at this point. work overnights and only shop by me (golf galaxy) opens at 10am. By that time im junk and no business being in the world nevermind swinging a club
  13. Yes. Taper tips. Gonna explore options/call ping next week and see what can be done
  14. I called last week to inquire when I started thinking of this potential debacle... I was told they would. Any shaft I want steel about $50, graphite about $70 a club... gonna call next week to officially set up the job and hopefully it will work out.
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