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  1. So got a call this morning that they talked with Titleist and it sounds like the TX won’t be available until sometime in March. You can still order it but it will be a couple months before they have it in stock to build.
  2. I was able to order the raw blue TX version in the TSi 2 fairway online from a local retailer in the US this morning so we will see. My only concern is just a delay in getting the actual shafts.
  3. It doesn't show as an option on the titleist website but on some other stores like the PGA superstore and some local ones near me its an option online at least.
  4. Does that mean the white is going to be offered in the TX also at no upcharge? I see the blue is available now but not the white, although the white is shown in the shaft performance guide.
  5. On paper I would think at 115 swing speed the 6.5 might be a better fit than an S300 but they are fairly different shafts feel wise, just might take some adjusting.
  6. So much positivity! There are guys on tour that still use those 745’s, pretty universally liked, hope you enjoy them.
  7. If you are able to get a free fitting at any stores I would recommend doing that just to get a good understanding of what types of shafts you would want to look for in clubs too (flex and weight). When I first started I did the same thing and didn’t really understand much about different types of shafts and ended up with a little mismatched set after a while.
  8. I think you should give it a couple weeks so you can at least fully identify the issues before taking them back so you know what needs to change if you decide to go a different direction. I think its a little wild that people are saying if they don't work day 1 then they'll never work, these are significantly different than your other irons so there will be an adjustment. Also sometimes its can be a mental thing if you've been playing the same set of irons for a very long time and then switch. If you are able to go back to where you were fit and work with them I would definitely do
  9. Wondering if anyone knows if the Rogue white 130 MSI that is offered as a stock shaft for the Maverick line is the real deal or a made for shaft for Callaway. I can't seem to find much info on it. Thanks
  10. Looking for a Callaway epic flash sub zero 3 wood (15°) with an 80 gram x-stiff shaft.
  11. 100% agree with you on that. I don't think everyone should be using them but I do think there are plenty of good players who should at least give them a test in the shorter irons in a combo set. In my opinion I think almost everyone would benefit from some sort of combo option, there aren't a ton of iron sets out there where I want a 4i to have the same characteristics as a 9i. People don't think twice about going from a GI pitching wedge into a 50 degree bladed wedge but wouldn't dream of using that type of iron in a 9i or pw, which is weird to me.
  12. My comments were specific to the Ping blueprint reference you made, I really don't know what the overall percentage on tour is. PGA Tour and some other golf websites have done some studies on it in 2010 and 2015 that say its less than half but those are obviously a little outdated. https://www.pgatour.com/news/2015/11/10/big-tuesday-switch-to-cavity-back-clubs.html#:~:text=On any given week at,and feel of the iron. - "On any given week at a PGA TOUR event, somewhere between 20 to 30 percent of the field uses a set of muscleback blades, a number that has remained fairly steady
  13. How does the point stand if you're saying a majority of pro players use blades but out of the top 30+ Ping players which you referenced, less than 1/3 are using them? I would think that in fact the point does not stand. I don't really care what anybody uses for clubs but lets stick to real stats.
  14. Out of curiosity where did you find the stat that 75% of Ping guys use the blueprint? Just from a little research on the Ping website of players on the PGA tour it seems like there are only 6/20 playing blueprints and 4/16 on the European tour.
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