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    Axis 1 HM

    Still in the honeymoon phase but i'm really enjoying this new Axis 1. My gamer has been a Toulon Atlanta and the new HM has much of the same look at address. I was wanting a change from traditional putters and the no torque putters caught my attention. The Lab DF had me curious but frankly I knew I would never commit to it long term. This Axis provides the no-torque feel I was wanting to try, along with an appearance that wasn't off putting. My first round with it in our "Big Game" I had 25 putts which was very low for me. Granted I missed a few greens, and putted once from the fringe, but still I made enough birdie putts to realize it had potential. Too early to say it will be in firmly, but for now it's in the bag. The Toulon has a sweeter feel on off center putts but the Axis feels great when hit close to the middle which is where the CG is positioned on this head.
  2. TC201's are my favorites and I've played the 501's and 57's. Mine have the MMT 105S shafts in them and they are business. To a point made earlier if you want max distance don't come to Miura they are built to go a consistent distance with little or no technology but a strong quality commitment. Their build specs are very tight and finish is exceptional.
  3. I know that Abraham Ancer plays the TC201's with MMT 105x. There are probably others but he's the most recent that I've followed.
  4. I don't feel strongly one way or the other but prefer watching others. He's slow, and stoic which doesn't particularly add up to must see tv. I do appreciate that he has had more to overcome than most and he has succeeded where many have faltered.
  5. I'm a scratch hdcp sweeper. I had the MP18's and the MP20's, I liked the Apex Pro's better and they were definitely longer. I believe you are on the right track.
  6. I've not hit many of the Japanese irons but I have owned Bridgestone and Miura and both have exceptional feel. I currently plat the TC201s but won't be selling my B'stone 40cbs.
  7. I rolled the 2021's mentioned today at Tom Howard's Golf in Evansville Indiana. Loved the look, feel, and craftsmanship of these putters. I have an Atlanta and these are every bit as nice if not nicer. I preferred the VI to the others as it was a little different than my Atlanta and I don't want the same putter:) The VI was face balanced and rolled nice.
  8. I've putted LHL since the mid 80s and never looked back. Looking back it was the breakdown of my wrists on the short putts that originally caused me to switch. I use a mid mallet and have tried heel and center shafted with equal parts success and failure as in all putting endeavors. Good luck.
  9. RugbyDave I actually read that you didn't like the TC201's and I bought them anyway. I had heard glowing reviews back in the day of the CB501's and once I got them I hated them. Not every club will please us all thank God. This TC201 though is a good fit for my game and I'm hoping it will end my club ho'ing for a bit.
  10. Mine is set. Mavrik 10.5 w/ADTP6S Super Hybrid 17 @16 Apex 20 w/ADDI 95S X2HOT 23 w/ADDI 95S 4-PW Miura TC201 52 and 58 Mizunos Toulon Atlanta TourB X
  11. I struggled to find great content on the TC201's searching every post on every forum, all you tube reviews, and I finally just decided to pull the trigger. First a little background. I'm 60 in a month and a low handicap. I don't have the speed of my youth but still have a driver SS a couple over 100. I've owned most of what my conscience would allow me, which is to say more than a good steward of his money would have. In the past 4 years I've had Maruman blades from the 90's, the Stenson Callaways, Mizuno MP18s and 20s, Apex19 and Apex Pro19, Hogan Ft. Worth, Miura CB501's, and my Bridgestone J40CBs. I am definitely in the honeymoon stage with these TC201s but I must say I have been very impressed. My first concern was would I lose too much distance. Basically no. My latest clubs were the Apex Pros and I carried the 7 iron around 165 on a 70 degree day. I carry the 7 iron on these maybe 3 yards less. I have a Skytrak and they spin a good 500 rpm more than the pros and the feel, while admittedly a personal thing, is better on the Miura. My CB501's just about ruined my opinion of the Miura's because I had a difficult time hitting them. It wasn't shaft or fitting related i just had a difficulty with the club. I'm a sweeper and a thin shot on the CB501's was judged very harshly and felt throughout my body. The TC201's have enough meat in the sole that a groove or 2 low isn't a problem. When you middle them they sing just as a quality forged iron should. I would agree with several others that for pure soft feel the Bridgestones feel every bit as soft if not more so than the Miura. The Miura's just feel a little more substantial if you will when middled. The TC201 looks are absolutely what attracted me to the club and I'm even more impressed after having them in the bag. I have the MMT105S shaft in these and it's my first time with graphite in my irons. I'm afraid I will never again go back to steel as these are beginning to spoil me. The flight is much like my standard PX5.5 but the feel isn't comparable. My 7 iron SS is 85-88 and these shafts load well at that speed and feel wonderful. I'm not much on talking about turf interaction as I mentioned I'm a sweeper, but the leading edge is nice and I feel they could would move through well enough. I use midsize grips and at standard L and L they swingweighted at D3.5 which is a little heavy for some but great by me. Just my .02 on these clubs.
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