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  1. I tried using a hair dryer to no avail. I think I can get my hands on a proper heat gun though.
  2. Hey all, I need a little help. Story first, my boss gave me a driver that was given to him by another co-worker because there was a rattle sound in the head. the club in question is a Taylormade Burner TP. My first thought was, “why haven’t you removed the weight screw and let whatever is rattling around in there fall out?” This is when my boss gave me the driver and said “fix it and it’s yours”. Well, I’ve tried multiple times to removed the weight screw and all I have done is damage it to the point I don’t think the weight wrench, if I can acquire one, will fit.
  3. Doing this when you’re absolutely certain you won’t even hit the green because it just became a “closest to the hole” competition and the first guy lands 3 feet from the pin.
  4. Last three rounds, Kirkland Signature. I like them much more than the Srixon soft feel I was using prior.
  5. Tour Model II 4-9 irons Pro Plus PW Tour Edge 52 and 56 wedge and a rarely used Lynx Black Cat 3 iron. Had them all at least 15 years myself.
  6. The Lynx is my 3 iron, have the 4-9 in the Tour Model II’s and only the PW in the Pro Plus. Had the full set of Pro Plus back in the early 90’s, but ended up breaking the heads off of the graphite shafts. Traded a buddy the broken shafts and club heads for the Tour Models.
  7. Just bought one earlier this year with the counter ore grip. I love everything about it, except the red.
  8. I track my score, and putts per hole, with an app. I’m down to 2.3 PPH since I started to play more seriously a few months ago. I have a goal of “2 or better” over 18 holes. Considering after my first 2 rounds my PPH was over 3, I’d say my putting is a strong part of my game at the moment.
  9. An old buddy gave me this putter quite a few years ago. I can find no information on it whatsoever. My kids now putt around the house with it since I upgraded my putter earlier this year. Anyone ever heard of it?
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