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  1. Played my first round with my new broomstick putter (side-saddle method) today. Had something happen today that has never happened to me before. When I made the 5th birdie of the round on 18 my playing partner asked me what is the name of that putter? I was lucky today because the group behind us was slow. So after every hole, I would drop my ball the furthest from the hole as I could and see what happened. I didn’t make any but burned a few edges and the distance control was uncanny for a first outing. Every putt I had today I actually thought I could make. Never felt that way before. As Hest
  2. Got my shipping notice today as Sam promised. Thank you LAB Golf and Sam!
  3. Yea! Still waiting for my shipping notice, but I talked with Sam on Monday so I trust it’ll go out this week.
  4. Thank you Lab Golf for this post. I didn’t know about your move, so that is certainly an extenuating circumstance. I do want to make sure everyone who reads this thread knows that my first build was quick, but UPS damaged it in transit. This is the second putter they are building for me and I do trust that they are doing their best to make sure their customers are happy. As everyone who is familiar with this thread knows, these putters are awesome. Thanks for doing your best and I look forward to making more putts soon!
  5. How about expediting the shipping for all of us who are waiting? Heard multiple sorrys from LAB and Matt and now a super sorry, but no actual action behind the words. Just a thought to show your customers that you really are sorry for the long delays.
  6. Got my putter the other day but it got mauled by UPS in the crush of Xmas gifts. The box was cut open and the shaft was bent. But Jennifer immediately sent me a return label and Matt called me and got the replacement started. Excellent customer service and hope UPS is kinder to my replacement!
  7. I just got my shipping notice, so I’m sure you won’t be far behind!
  8. I ordered the DF 2.1 long putter a little over 2 weeks ago. I ordered it at 48 inches, 79.5* and the split grip since I currently have a long putter that has those specs. I also went with the stock KBS shaft. I like my current putter, but the head is small so mishits are punished. I’ll post after I get it and let you know how it handles. I’m desperate enough to take this leap without having demoed it. But I was impressed enough with the overall reviews to give it a shot.
  9. When did you order yours? Just curious about the wait. I ordered mine 11-30.
  10. T1 looks to be stamped on the regular putter. T2 appears to be stamped on the broomstick model.
  11. Have a question about adding weight to the shaft of a broomstick LAB putter. I poured sand down the shaft and then corked my current long putter (non LAB long putter) and it swings much smoother with the additional weight. If I choose to try this with my LAB long putter, will it affect the balance? I obviously don’t want to do anything that will work against the technology.
  12. Thanks! I make way more putts looking at the hole but my bad misses also come from that style because I use a very small headed mallet currently. Looking forward to the point and shoot that I’ve been reading about in these threads.
  13. Thanks! Where do you place the ball when you use your broomstick? Also do you rock like McCarron or use more right hand like Langer?
  14. Just bought the broomstick version and can’t wait to start using it. Have a question. Does anyone game the broomstick and have any tips for me? I also prefer to look at the hole when putting. This style of putter seems to be built for it since mishits aren’t punished as severely as other putters. Curious if anyone here looks at the hole while using these putters and what kind of results do you get. Thanks in advance. I also emailed Matt and he was very helpful.
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