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  1. I’m fairly certain it is closed, I’ll get a picture for reference.
  2. Went for a quick range session to hit some balls while the kids and wife were napping yesterday. When hitting my irons I was trying different things and I noticed if I start at address with my club face slightly closed I tend to make much better contact and have a straighter flight path. My miss is right, I don’t slice my irons as much as I used to but it still leaks right. When I start with the face slightly closed though the ball just goes straight, like straight on line no curve or anything. Any thoughts? My swing is still pretty steep and over the top. I game ping g10 irons currently
  3. Since having them how do the d7 forged compare to the g30? I’m in a similar position but currently gaming g10s, I hate the chunkiness of the g10. Could you take some side by side pictures?
  4. Thanks for the insights, I had considered trying a shorter shafted driver to help with consistency, idk why I didn’t consider just choking down a bit .
  5. Oh yeah by no means do I blame my driver slice or over fading with my irons on the equipment, I know it’s me and I’m working on it... trying to at least.
  6. To clarify, I do OK with my irons not brilliant by any means but I can usually keep my irons shots in play. I won’t be swapping shafts or upgrading to new clubs right now, when I do I fully plan to get a fitting done to have an idea what flex/weight shafts will suit my game. This is just more for my personal knowledge at this time out of curiosity.
  7. My driver is by far my most inconsistent club on the course I just seem to feel more comfortable with my irons, a lot of time after a couple holes I’ll just skip driver and hit an iron off the tee to keep the ball in play, it’s a work in progress for sure. As far my irons, while I’ve gotten more consistent and shortening my back swing has helped I still have plenty of mishits, the g10s def help to mask them though. I tend to leak the ball right even when I make decent contact and struggle with my club path coming out to in.
  8. So yesterday got to hit on a simulator for the first time which was really cool since I’ve never actually seen any of my data. My driver swing speed was around 105, had one at 113 but it was a horrible strike so not counting that. Driver carry was averaging 260-265, was not striking the ball great yesterday by any means, pulled a couple and sliced a few. 7i swing speed was around averaging around 80-82 with a carry distance averaging around 160-165. I current game ping g10 irons with the awt regular flex shafts. Driver is an old cobra zero limits I believe it has a 45” shaft not 100% on that,
  9. Lots of good info thanks for the help guys. I picked up a ping g2 pw to replace my g10 pw thats lost, but an exact match but it’ll do the job. I’m gonna try to get hands on with a few different types of wedges and compare side by side, lots of buddies have the more traditional “bladed” wedge so I have access to that, I may try to pick up some used ping glide or cbx wedges to test against them, can always resell if need be. And I know the club won’t fix my short game that’s on me, been putting in time practicing my shorter shots lately (making it work with my 9i and sw) and it’s definitely payi
  10. Have a g2 pw in the mail now, more so looking for the other wedges.
  11. Thanks for that I’ll be keeping an eye on that one
  12. I tend to agree with you I don’t really need a ton of wedges, pw/gw/sw would be enough for my game currently. Pw would be 46/47 loft so I’m really leaning towards a 50/56 set up, or even a 50/54/58 to experiment with a less lofted wedge like the 58. Not all that inclined on getting a 60 right now, unless I found a deal just to experiment some.
  13. Current my only wedge is my set sw, ping g10, brother in law used my clubs and lost my pw but oh well... currently looking for a replacement pw. Anyways looking for a wedge set (probably used) that provides a little more help. I often use friends wedges on the course since I don’t have great options for wedges and find gw I like for chipping rarely for full shots, sand wedge mostly out of the sand and sometime to pitch on the green with hope it won’t roll out. Not super consistent with my wedges, sometimes I blade them, sometimes I fat them and end up way short so something some help would be
  14. I appreciate that I’ll see what I can find out also.
  15. Any know of a good pro in/near Lakeland. I frequent the range at Sanlan and they have the group lessons there almost daily but really looking for a more one on one style lesson.
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