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  1. Hi just wondering what’s your take on the difference other price between the Apollo standard step vs the fst 115 both in stiff flex I have a swing speed of 80-85mph with a 8 iron what would be the better fit for me currently playing the kbs tour 90 in reg looking for a stiffer tip and slightly softer mid section? Thanks
  2. Thanks for taking the time to write this makes a lot of sense I need the shafts to be 0.5” longer then standard as well so that give you less to play with but I’m sure I will find the right balance
  3. Thank for the reply, I’m only going 5-pw so should be ample room for extra trimming what increments would you suggest?
  4. Hi just looking for some info I was looking at purchasing the Apollo standard step in stiff flex but after reading a bit about the shaft seem like it plays softish even in a s flex is there anyway when cutting shaft you can make it even more stiff?
  5. Ok Cool thanks do you no if there is anyway to make them less soft ie cutting of the shaft? I’ve got a 85-90mph swing speed with a 7 iron or is it just best to stay clear?
  6. Hi just wondering if anyone has any info on the Apollo standard step shaft stiff flex is it a good cheap shaft I’ve always used kbs but wanted a cheap alternative what’s weight like and are they very whippy? Is it worth the gamble thanks
  7. Your right they don’t lol
  8. I have an m4 set a 9.5 brilliant driver
  9. I seen a couple of ppl say the xv pros look similar to the callaway apex 16 irons if that’s true I don’t mind that at all
  10. What is the flight like and can you shape them ok? Are they a soft-ish feel? And is distance ok as there are on the weaker side with lofts? Thanks
  11. Will do! I live in the uk so getting products can be a little tricky at times but I will get there in the end thanks again Colej
  12. Cool thanks for all the info I’m hoping they aren’t all over the place as much as you say lol I’ll be double checking everything that’s for sure. As long as the risk is worth I’m all in!
  13. Hi just wondering if any one knows anything about the acer xv pro iron as a cheaper alternative to the big brands. Are they any good, feel and looks any info would be helpful thanks
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