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  1. Thank you for your replies everyone. I was just looking for some opinions from a wide range of people (even though I may not know them, I'm sure many have more experience with marriage than I do). I think, in the end, I am just going to have to sit her down and tell her specifically what I want golf-wise. At this point, I rarely even bring golf up as I don't think she really cares, nor do I think I will get any response from her. I can certainly be okay with that, as I don't need her to be involved in my golfing activities, but just want her to support it and not try and control how much/if I
  2. You all make very good points, thank you. What strikes me as funny is if I suggested we go to church less or she do less church activities, then she would likely make it that I was speaking out against God, not anything to do with her. So I don't think that would go over very well. I don't really think that is fair that she would deflect any complaints about her church time. But I think it is just time to let her know how I feel and see how she responds. She is very beautiful, and we do have a lot of things in common, but golf and church seem to be a sticking point. I
  3. Those are all good points, thank you. I do understand the daytime thing, and I will (and have) skipped golf on Saturday to do this. For example, last weekend was perfect weather, so I took golf off on Saturday and we rented bikes and went on a long bike ride, got lunch, and rode back. It was a nice day and a good time together. But just to spend time together, we could do that during the evening as well, that is more of what my complaint is about.
  4. The 1 iron joke might go right over her head, but I'll try, haha.
  5. Yea Jeff, that is kind of what I am thinking. I think I need to definitely have a talk with her and lay out my desires going forward, and if she does not like it or is willing to compromise, then I think it's time to end it. I understand she wants to spend time together, which we do, but she claims that when I golf during the day I am "Not prioritizing her", which is not true since we do spend time together during the evenings.
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