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  1. Incredible post, like other comments is was just refreshing to see - best of luck with the sale.
  2. This is awesome... completely agree with the OG colour scheme being tacky, even if they switched that teal fill for white it could’ve been better. Something to be said about that brushed look when all the OEMs are flipping to these matte black options. Thanks for sharing and looks like TM marketing should be consulting you
  3. I purchased some Mizzy MP-69 blades this year. Can honestly say ripping a 3-iron blade off the proverbial "screws" once makes me grab it time and time again on the short par 4s. It's such a good feeling it's even worth the broken bones on those miss-hits However, thee best feeling for me is setting up that short iron fade and sticking one on the green. The creativity of shot making is addicting and, to me, what makes golf.
  4. Late to the party but I think this is one of the coolest threads I've ever seen on a golf blog... some of the stories are absolutely incredible I'm 27, avid golfer. Dad got me into the game when I was 5 and I got my first HIO at 23 (first time witnessing 1 too) so it was a 17 year wait for me. This season I got my 2nd, and both experiences were incredibly different. The one thing that was similar between them was that, despite it being a lucky shot (who honestly steps up expecting to get a HIO, other than Eric Anders Lang) I was playing the best golf I had ever played at that poin
  5. Super interested in the 3wood, but would also consider taking the 5wood to have the flush set. Would you do $220 shipped if I bought both? Let me know if that works. If the price is firm I understand, just not really looking for the 5wood + the face dents (although it’s typical for those cnc’d faces). -Paul
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