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  1. For me, Vacaville CA about 1998. Sustained 50 MPH winds (Found out when I got home and watched the news). Trees down, the whole nine. I just thought it was a windy golf day, not a STORM. Par 5 downwind, straight hole. 12 or so HC. Normal drive was about 245-250. 519 yard hole. Driver hit exactly 350. 169 left to the pin; don't know what to hit. Can't make myself hit PW so I hit 9 - 30 yards over the green. Did I say it was a bit breezy? Par 3 - 125 yards, left to right wind. Hit my 7 iron (150 club) nut flush. Started it a little left of the green. Ended up in a field to the right, off the course by 50 yards, next to a cow. Breezy.
  2. $40 per month, unlimited balls. Includes (lousy) chipping green and bunker.
  3. About 15 years ago I was playing in a tournament with my best friend. I chunked my third shot out of a bunker on a par 5. Furious, seeing red and not aware at all of my surroundings, I wheeled around and threw my club as hard as I could, about head high. As the club left my hands, I realized to my absolute horror that the twosome we were playing with was driving toward the green and my club may hit them. Luckily, I missed them, by about 15 feet, but boy did I feel like an absolute Assh0l#. I was so embarrassed with my infantile action. I apologized profusely to my friend and the other golfers and promised my friend I would never throw another club. I have kept my promise.
  4. My first purchase of clubs was in 1980. I was 19 years old and a buddy sold me a set of Wilson Staff irons 3-9 and D,3,4 woods and a putter. Bag and pull cart were included also. Did not realize for years that Wilson blades were the worst beginner's clubs I could buy, and the regular shafted woods were way to whippy for a strong 19 year old. PW and sand wedge probably would have come in handy! Eighty bucks.
  5. What is the most amount of money you have ever won or lost in a day on the golf course? Circumstances and details if you desire to share those. What was your annual income at the time? Rules: 1. You had to have actually paid your debt if you lost, or been paid in full if you won. 2. No lying - we will know.
  6. I had forgotten about Pacific Grove! Great bang for the buck, and as you said, a wonderful back 9. Five deer watching me from the bunker about 20 feet away. They did not seem a bit bothered by me, and I was delighted to be in their presence. And $18 is a bit better that the $375 for Spyglass.
  7. There is an intersection of price vs. value at any course. What course, for you, has been the best bang for the buck? What criteria did it meet? Mine is La Purisma outside of Lompoc Ca. Well kept, great green conditions, ony 2 adjacent fairways on the whole course, hard, hit most clubs in the bag, greens not silly to putt slope wise (10.5 - 11 stimp), Play well, shoot your handicap. Play stoopid, forget it. 4 Tee box lengths. Not a house to be seen. Golf course is on a huge plot of land. Used to host Q school. $50 to walk. Sometimes cheaper. Delightful test. Have not played any $150 course I liked better.
  8. Your doggedness is to be commended. How painful.
  9. 2005 was a horrible year for me personally. Lots of bad stuff happening. My coping mechanism? You got it. Golf all day long, at least 4 and sometimes 6 times per week. Had an annual pass including cart so cost was a non issue. Lived in sunny weather, so I had a twelve month season. In the summer time, when days were long, this was my daily schedule: Round 1 - 7:00 tee time with Phil and his dad. Round 2 - 10:30 or 11:00 with whomever was around. 3:00 to 4:00 Lunch Round 3+ - 4:00 until can't see with best buddy Mark. Winter time - Short days - 36 holes. Rarely played just 18; I would have had to face my life for too many hours. Averaging it all out ( this is my best guess, I did not keep actual track) over long and short days, etc., I played at least 500 rounds. Kept me from jumping off a bridge.
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